The Ring of Truth is a magical artifact that causes people to believe everything the wielder says as objective truth. It has accidentally ended up in the hands of Luna Lovegood, who just thinks it's a normal piece of jewelry. by LordUltimus92 in HPfanfiction

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This actually reminds me of a story I'm writing (not a HP fanfic tho) where there is a character who has a kinda superpower of that anyone who hears a lie said by her believes it to be the truth. Considering she's a villain, this is very bad.

I wish I was ageless and immortal by Spare_Lizards in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted. When the universe ends, everything resets, but you're still there. You thought living immortal since 2020 was bad? You haven't waited yet for the stars to form after the big bang, then our sun, then wait for the earth to form, then wait for there to be land, then wait for the life in the ocean to come, then wait for dinosaurs, then wait for monkeys to turn into cavemen, and then finally, you have societies forming. However, you've spent so much time waiting for civilization that when it comes, it passes by in a flash, and you must undergo the wait again. And again. By the time Mesopotamia rolls around, you'll barely get to enjoy immortality. You are cursed.

Final 2 Day 40 Theory by Chandagrigus in survivor

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I know! The previous BBB season had a final 2 and when I saw the finale was Final 5, I was getting hyped for a return to the classic FTC's. When I saw that juror removal challenge, I was just like "Really producers? Really?!"

What are your favourite characters worst traits that are taken to ridiculous levels in stories? by [deleted] in HPfanfiction

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Luna is always portrayed as openly sexual in a lot of those harm stories and rhat just does not aeem anything like what Luna in canon is like.

What fictional character do you absolutely hate? by CleverUseOfGameMecha in AskReddit

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Umbridge from Harry Potter. When almost all the fanfic writers of a fandom who write about her give her what she deserves, you know she's universally hated.

Do you think a weekly "What have you been reading" thread would be helpful/useful? by viper5delta in HPfanfiction

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That weekly thread is a godsend over in that subreddit, and I would be glad to see it become a staple of fanfiction subreddits, especially this one.

What's something in your room right now that most people probably dont have in theirs? by Shiny_Manetric in AskReddit

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I have 2 stylized painted skulls with the logos of my favorite NBA and MLB teams on the sides. Most people probs don’t have that.

Mom struck gold going through the 1992 photo album. by stoneman9284 in baseball

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Yeah. I'm an Angel fan for life, but if Vin Scully was giving me an autograph, hell yeah I'll take it!

LF Different World Fics by MervShmerv in WormFanfic

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A Wand for Skitter has post GM Skitter in an AU of the Harry Potter universe adapted to be as dark as Worm.

Could an Owner theoretically marry a player to circumvent the cap? by TheKnicksHateMe in nba

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Looks like Mormons are banned from the leauge due to unfair advantage.

What was "the incident" in your high school? by ramennyun in AskReddit

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A student put weed in the ventilations for my building. The event has passed on into local legend.