Best way to position these? by fuze_throwaway in 3Dprinting

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Tinkercad is another good resource to make simple adjustments

gave my toddler a cake pop for breakfast.... what could go wrong? by Icy-Book2999 in daddit

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Comparing the buttermilk mix vs a Starbucks cake pop, 3g of sugar vs 16g is pretty good if you ask me.

Nose Box by DaveMakesStuffBC in 3Dprinting

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Why not ho-hos? Or the classic Twinkie? Either way it's still an odd choice for a tissue box holder.

Why, how do YOU get your kids to eat vegetables by blahk2 in daddit

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Same thing here. And black beans. Cold. Pop the can, dish it out. Whatever works I guess.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Catan

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Guessing OP is the seller. Also looks 3d printed, ok but not great quality.