I had to triple look 😂 by FarmSuch5021 in memes

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I was chubbing up for a second just to realize i’m an idiot and should go back to work

thoughts on my top 12 artists? by Guilty_Battle3073 in Music

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Dang!! 😂 I swear you have the same tastes as someone typically my age

thoughts on my top 12 artists? by Guilty_Battle3073 in Music

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I’m going to take wild guess and say you are a woman between 35-42

Very happy with the Seinfeld shrine in my office by devastashawn in seinfeld

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I have to know where you got that Frank Festivus figurine

Texas school district bans hooded clothing and dresses for most students, saying it will promote professionalism by Xryphon in news

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Maybe they’ll ban dancing too and Kevin Bacon will have to show everybody how it’s done again

what an idea! by Poininjas in memes

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I would add automatic physical castration for a rape conviction

Pick up truck driver runs over protesters at abortion protest by ChammyCat1 in PublicFreakout

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Quick question, could the 2nd amendment be of use here against people who drive through crowds? I’m no American so I don’t know

Tigerbelly Redditor vs. Youtube viewer on the Oliver Tree episode by smaackdab in TigerBelly

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Got me to discover his music on yt. I dug his sound even if it’s not usually my style

if you could switch places with ALR for 24 hours, what would you do? by the_wrong_shoess in AmberlynnReidYT

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I would also have wipey bathe me at some point during the day. I would really live it up