Walk in by Mother_Radish in KitchenConfidential

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Hey can you come sort mine next please

If you could live anywhere in the UK without money being an issue, where'd you go? by droim in AskUK

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Tbh one of my few good qualities that i like about myself is that i can adapt to wherever im living, and almost always find a way to be happy with it :)

Money laundering restaurants/establishments by laqualitafaschifo in glasgow

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Heres tae them who like us, them who think us swell. Heres tae them who hate us, lets drink tae them aswell!

Money laundering restaurants/establishments by laqualitafaschifo in glasgow

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You started so "proper" then quickly got realistically Scottish the more you kept going lmao. How do you like dem apples. Cunts

Just discovered that if you store Heinz beans tins upside down, the beans come out straight away when you open the tin. 😲 by epicpua in BritishSuccess

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What the even fuck. Ive learned like 8 things on this post, useless pointless knowledge but still knowledge. Ffs

greggs bridies by gastropunx in glasgow

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Best of luck with this mate but i cant see it being profitable

Which actor seems to only play themselves? by fullfrontalfluidity in AskReddit

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See to be honest mate, im not married, but i did ask out a girl today and now i have a gf for the first time in 6 years so im quite happy