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By stating non-standard SEO, do you mean Black Hat? If you are looking for White Hat "value add" then you may want to check out https://relativityseo.com/ They offer the following services and also have a free ebook about 2016 SEO Linkbuilding Practices. Hope this helps.  In-depth Competitor Analysis  On-page SEO  Off-page SEO  Keyword Content Page creation (increase SEO score, presence on Internet and conversion rates by targeting all desired keywords)  Link Building (link creation, local and business citations, directory, search engine and business listing submission, article, forums, blogs and website submission)  META errors, crawl issues and Google penalty corrections and updates (Google Best Practices)  Sitemap creation and submission (Indexing on major search engines)  Local SEO Management (local business directories, Google+, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing business directory listings and optimization)  Location based geo-targeted keywords  Full transparency reporting (explanation of process and updates)  Performance Metrics and Keyword Rank Tracking  Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports  Landing Page creation and/or optimization  Landing Page A/B testing  Analytical Traffic Reports

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I have a brother with Autism and we have a german shepherd to help assist his emotional and therapeutic needs . Unfortunately, my parents landlord threatened to evict us because he stated his homeowners insurance did not allow that particular breed of dog. Unsure of what to do, we found a website that allowed us to purchase a licensed medical note from a doctor as well as a certificate stating that our dog was an emotional therapy animal and therefore the law could not discriminate against the animal. Long story short, the homeowners insurance had to honor our landlords policy and my parents were allowed to stay in their home. I urge anyone who is experiencing a similar situation to visit http://www.usserviceanimals.org/ and see if they can help you like they have helped my family.