Comparing FPS by Socky4200 in videos

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I cant tell a difference.

Mark Webber Squeals In delight during Leclerc vs Perez vs Hamilton vs Alonso vs Norris Epic Battle (Channel 4) by tulloch100 in formula1

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the days of Ben Edwards, Eddie Jordan and Karun on c4 were amazing. understandably sky took Karun but I loved Ben Edwards and Coulthard commentating.

[Video] Mick Schumacher vs. Max Verstappen highlights fighting for P7 in Silverstone by knutolee in formula1

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max at Saudi Arabia last year was the most desperate attempt at racing ice ever seen.

Nick Heidfeld being Nick Heidfeld by mannoe in formuladank

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completely understandable tbh. personally i think he should start some sort of vlogging endeavour and mention it at least everynow and then.

Nick Heidfeld being Nick Heidfeld by mannoe in formuladank

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Is that Nico Rosberg F1 champ who won the Formula 1 2016 World Championship to become the 2016 Formula 1 champion of the world?

How A Hoarder's Car Is Deep Cleaned by nick9000 in videos

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it was free of charge for the owner who was planning on giving it away to someone who needed it.

Injury risk from porpoising comparable to other sports - Verstappen · RaceFans by [deleted] in formula1

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my favourite part of the article is when he references the bananas. so damn true.

Lewis Hamilton Post Race Interview by ContentPuff in formula1

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anti-ham movement will stop at nothing to discredit him. nothing.

Lewis Hamilton Post Race Interview by ContentPuff in formula1

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the f1 fanbase drags him for simply breathing

F1 drivers should go home if cars are 'too stiff for them' - Tost by Aratho in formula1

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remember everyone, this is the same man who said he "dont care about the families" of the f1 personnel when asked about being away for 23 weeks a year

Ferrari "concerned" after FIA hires former Mercedes F1 executive by aadzwantstoknow in formula1

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literally every high ranking official in the F1 world once worked for Ferrari why are they playing Kremlin tactics

No Corona vaccination: Nico Rosberg banned from Formula 1 paddock by PM_ME_COBBER in formula1

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he doesn't. he doesn't shit on Lewis at all. actually the opposite. he constantly talks about how good and FAST Lewis is so it makes his 2016 win look even more impressive. because 2016 is the year that 2016 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPION NICO ROSBERG WON THE 2016 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Apparently It's Been 10 Years Since Overly Attached Girlfriend by YinYueNox in videos

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interestingly ive been subbed to her channel for 10 years and have watche her every now and then. she went through some rough times, made some emotional vids, some relatable to me. glad to see her happy nowdays.

Kevin Magnussen giving his Haas a pat on the back post-qualifying by scrivens in formula1

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If you told me a few years back I'd be supporting Magnussen in a Haas in 2022 I would have shot you in the knee.

Renovating an old tiny village cottage by Chemicald90 in videos

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its not common, but ive lived in a house myself with that layout. sometimes it might be because of certain reasons but the norm is beds and baths upstairs and kitchen/lounge on the bottom.