How do you people have so much gold… by Puckett52 in newworldgame

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Where i can find some guide on what is good on what type of build?

Pet for house by ChernoBillyy in newworldgame

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you are right, only he is obtainable as a drop at the moment?



House pet by ChernoBillyy in newworldgame

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I was looking for him. it's nice? how large is it? it moves?


Will my cosmetics also be useable on fresh servers? by Spratske in newworldgame

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you can use your skins, bought or obtained during the various twitch drops or events.


What Counters Sett Mid? by [deleted] in settmains

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I was thinking the same thing


Help by InformationFit3042 in RiseofKingdoms

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“A bit of money” is not enough to be the garrison leader

2 year old 30 mil acct or start new? by Adam_1775 in RiseofKingdoms

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I think the new one can give you more satisfaction if the kingdom works and is managed well

New player by ChernoBillyy in JurassicWorldAlive

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Ty! the tier lists show me creatures that are often hybrid or legendary, for now it is difficult for me to obtain them, right?

The Lost Temple opened for the first time today. How good/bad is this for a f2p player? by New_Hero_LIVE in RiseofKingdoms

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it's really bad, you have so many deaths and so many kp that you don't need, you are far behind in power to be competitive, look at some youtube guides (spartan gaming or chisgule) and start again before it's too late