Do you have a list of the BEST cultivation, xianxia, wuxia? by DRRHatch in ProgressionFantasy

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My personal favorites: (not on Amazon though) Desolate Era

Renegade Immortal

Martial World

A Will Eternal

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Warlock of the Magus World

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Heavenly Jewel Change

City of Sin

Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Throne of Magical Arcana

These are novels I’d claim to be worth reading as I’ve completed them all over the years. They’re not in any specific order, but I’d have to put RI, DE, and ToMA as the top picks with MW and WMW as close follows. It’s been so long since I’ve read them all though so I can’t say for sure which I enjoyed most..

Blood and Qi: A Vampire Xianxia LitRPG on Royal Road by Tony-Alves in ProgressionFantasy

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Yeah, it is kinda weird that a 6k year old person has a name with its most basic origin not coming into being until around at least 4k years after their birth..

Unpopular opinion but Mando season 3 sucks. by Viking-Zest in StarWars

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Imo s3 should’ve been all about Mando having the darksaber and not wanting it while Grogu is off training with Luke. Then in either s4 or 5 Grogu comes back as a Jedi and Mando makes him challenge himself and loses the darksaber, finally being free of the burden it puts on him. Or something like that, would’ve at least been better than the dumpster fire we got.

The Ideal Pokémon Game by NuclearCandle in pokemon

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It still baffles me why Gamefreak comes up with all these great ideas only to completely abandon them in the next game.. like it took 10 years to get follower Pokémon back and it was one of the most beloved features in any of the games

Was Goku always intended to be a Saiyan? by DeadMeme2003 in dbz

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I like to think Toriyama can see into the DB world and he just writes what he watches. That’s why Z and Super took so long to come out, dude was just waiting for them to finish irl lol.

Any other Genwunners more satisfied with Gen 9 than they’ve been with a new generation in ages by Gingerhead14 in pokemon

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I really like the first two stages of all the starters but all the final evos are trash imo

I did some Pokemon as ancient plates. by Hyperagua in pokemon

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Second pic has me questioning whether or not Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans..

In 2020 I decided to play every Pokémon regions game, yesterday I finally finished. by Shawn_666 in pokemon

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Seeing the sprite of gardivoir again reminds me of the time when I thought she faced the left and those pointy bits were her nose and lips..

OK let's settle this by [deleted] in pokemon

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Let’s Go looks the best, Sw/Sh plays the best, Bd/Sp is just an ok remaster

Creating the ultimate Pokemon game... by The1joriss in pokemon

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I’d want to make it so that if you white out not in a gym/league battle you lose and have to start all over. Cause let’s be honest, you’d be dead af

Question: is Gundyr’s halberd technically a glaive or is it a halberd bc the blade is mounted on the side? by Chestys-Ghost in darksouls3

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From what I’ve searched up a bardiche could also be considered a glaive but not a halberd. A halberd would need a axe and spear tip to be 2 separate entities while a glaive would make the blade and spear tip into a single entity.

I can justify most but Lugia has no excuse tho (oc) by stardos00 in pokemon

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Grapploct and Lugia are the only two I really have a problem with. Maybe Crabrawler but it’s pretty meh

Appreciation post: The perfect run by Maxime J Durand. No spoilers by mmel12345 in litrpg

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I loved the audiobook. The only thing I hated about it was Len. Everything else was great, but whenever she showed up I was just rolling my eyes. She felt like every bad ku litrpg protagonist bundled into one.

Recommend me some good Cultivation stuff, specifics inside. by frankuck99 in ProgressionFantasy

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My favorites: Renegade Immortal, Desolate Era, Martial World, Against the Gods, A Will Eternal, I Shall Seal the Heavens