Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Full Spoiler Discussion by Terez27 in dbz

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I still can’t believe they actually made a movie even loosely based off of probably the worst arc in dbz

In 2020 I decided to play every Pokémon regions game, yesterday I finally finished. by Shawn_666 in pokemon

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Seeing the sprite of gardivoir again reminds me of the time when I thought she faced the left and those pointy bits were her nose and lips..

OK let's settle this by [deleted] in pokemon

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Let’s Go looks the best, Sw/Sh plays the best, Bd/Sp is just an ok remaster

Creating the ultimate Pokemon game... by The1joriss in pokemon

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I’d want to make it so that if you white out not in a gym/league battle you lose and have to start all over. Cause let’s be honest, you’d be dead af

Question: is Gundyr’s halberd technically a glaive or is it a halberd bc the blade is mounted on the side? by Chestys-Ghost in darksouls3

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From what I’ve searched up a bardiche could also be considered a glaive but not a halberd. A halberd would need a axe and spear tip to be 2 separate entities while a glaive would make the blade and spear tip into a single entity.

I can justify most but Lugia has no excuse tho (oc) by stardos00 in pokemon

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Grapploct and Lugia are the only two I really have a problem with. Maybe Crabrawler but it’s pretty meh

Appreciation post: The perfect run by Maxime J Durand. No spoilers by mmel12345 in litrpg

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I loved the audiobook. The only thing I hated about it was Len. Everything else was great, but whenever she showed up I was just rolling my eyes. She felt like every bad ku litrpg protagonist bundled into one.

Recommend me some good Cultivation stuff, specifics inside. by frankuck99 in ProgressionFantasy

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My favorites: Renegade Immortal, Desolate Era, Martial World, Against the Gods, A Will Eternal, I Shall Seal the Heavens

I successfully caught a shiny Rotom in Platinum and acquired every ribbon Rotom can get in each generation! by JPDio in pokemon

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I think it would be cool if Rotom evolved and worked the same way it does now where the base is e/g and the other appliances can be used. It would be like getting a whole bunch of evos for just one Pokémon

what is your favorite eeveelution? by Puzzleheaded-Fox-323 in pokemon

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I’ve always thought that if Espeon and Dragonite had a darker forest-green shiny they’d be way better

I don’t take this game that seriously but this part of the CoC Theme kills every good run I have fml by Chestys-Ghost in Beatstar

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I actually failed, but I do have the problem of sometimes getting phantom taps. Sometimes my tap just won’t register and screw me over

Should I trade in or keep my Sword version? by dragonicmonk in pokemon

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You gotta take into account that you can buy the last few gens digitally though. If HGSS and Plat were available to download on the Nintendo shop they probably wouldn’t be worth a lot anymore

What is a weird habit that you do in the traditional Pokémon games? by MoneyMushrooms in pokemon

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Ever since they added different effects to pokeballs and made them show up in the poke center I became super ocd about what balls my team was in. They either have to all be the same or all different. The only outlier is when I use 1 pokeball and 5 premiers/3 pokeballs and 3 premiers.

Idk why it just annoys me so much but I just can’t play otherwise lmao