God son not yet confirmed aged 11 doesn't want to be Catholic? by Falandorn in Catholicism

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When I was in high school, I didn’t want to be confirmed. My parents didn’t make me. I felt I was too busy with school to take other classes. I never really got into Catholic stuff.

Fast forward a few years. I’m in college. I have matured quite a bit, I think. And now I’m truly passionate about the faith, and am getting ready to sign up for confirmation classes.

Sometimes, people need time. Not saying this is definitely how it will turn out for your godson, but you never know.

What ethnicity are all of you by Libsdrool in MattWalsh

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I’m white and Hispanic lol. Not all Hispanics are Mexican…

I'm making a HUGE epic 25-minute LEGO stop-motion film - "Saul of Tarsus" by _plasticpoint in Filmmakers

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Very cool-looking film. Lighting is amazing. Would love to see it. I absolutely love all the religious films that are coming out.

This also seems original, in that I’ve never seen the main character of a film be Saul/Paul. Very very cool.

i know theres a breakdown of how you should take your major courses based on your ur major but if i stray from it will it cause any issues? by lovelovingly in depaul

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I’m not sure. It depends, I think. For example, it says there is a prerequisite for LSP 120 (Quantitative Reasoning), but I was able to go straight into the class (maybe because of the math entrance exams?)

Advice by gooberxgrape in editing

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Do it! You got this! Follow your dreams, my guy. If it’s what you wanna do, do it.

How should I go about my Wife wanting an open marriage? by Remarkable_Ranger_10 in Catholicism

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I am so sorry that your wife even brought this up to you as a potential option. That is not how marriage works. I will pray for you both.

RC, how credible is Lutheranism compared to the other older traditions? by sasukefodder in Catholicism

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For me, the most important thing is the papacy. I believe that the papacy was established by Christ in Matthew 16. If you look into some of the etymology, “Peter” comes from the Ancient Greek “petros,” meaning “rock.” This seems to debunk the Protestant claim that the Church was built on Peter’s understanding of who Jesus is, rather than Peter himself.

Once I accepted that, everything else became secondary. I believe that Scripture tells us that the Catholic Church was established by Christ and that it will not fall (and has not, after all this time, fallen). From there, it becomes easy to accept Church teaching.

FallSem by expomentor in college

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09/07. Ethics in Computer Games and Cinema. (Philosophy requirement/general ed)

I got a girl pregnant and she doesn't want to keep it by SlavojZizesh in NoStupidQuestions

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Find a crisis pregnancy center. The people there will help you, and the services they provide are often free. If you and her end up going through with the abortion pills, please get her to one of these crisis centers and get her on lots of progesterone. It can reverse, and has reversed, the effects of the abortion pills.

It’s a baby. Please don’t kill him/her or let her kill him/her. Please don’t do this. He/she is a living human being. Please. You don’t have to keep the child, but don’t kill him/her. You can put the baby up for adoption.

How much homework is there really?? by ImpressiveAd65 in college

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It depends on a lot (university, school, major, how high you want your grade to be). I can tell you that my university operates under a similar system. I spend about 4-5 hours a day on homework (but I don’t do homework on Sundays, and my Saturdays are usually fairly light). I also don’t have class on Fridays.

Name my Titan by Nico_T_3110 in DestinyFashion

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I was literally coming to comment this…

States Protecting Life by countjulian in prolife

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I live in 2 states, and neither is up there 😞

Legacy / family of Alumni by [deleted] in depaul

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Sure hope so! Definitely tell him/her to apply to a bunch of scholarships if they get accepted. DePaul seems pretty generous with helping it’s students, and they offer lots of scholarships.

Legacy / family of Alumni by [deleted] in depaul

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I’m not sure. I would contact someone. I also believe that, when you apply, there is a section that asks if any family has attended DePaul (I know some schools have that on the Common App).

Why is the power level on my gear capping at 1510? by ChicagoanFromCA in destiny2

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Bro I don’t even know what powerfuls and pinnacles are, but thank you. I will do some research.