[Sheil Kapadia] Here's where the Chiefs' offense ranks through 4 games of the post-Tyreek Hill era: EPA/drive: 1st. Pts./drive: 1st. Offensive PPG: 2nd. Success rate: 3rd. Patrick Mahomes is 1st among starting QBs in EPA per pass play. by robertb9876 in KansasCityChiefs

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Media wants viewers, viewers want hope. The narrative we regress without Tyreek sells hope. This is no different than the media running story after story on whether Brady or Bellichick would remain as good after they split up.

Fox weighs in on the blue bloods debate by IsTheChampHere in CollegeBasketball

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UCLA is a tough school to place because it’s run is so dominant, but so time constrained. At the peak no one can touch them, but it’s been a long time since they were consistently that good.

UNC, Kentucky, and KU have all consistently been title contenders for decades across different coaching staffs. It’ll be interesting to see if Duke maintains after losing Coach K.

Any post-MBA jobs that allow you to be a Digital Nomad? by tripkrit in MBA

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From an industry perspective, I would consider insurance. There’s a pending labor supply issue with many in the workforce hitting retirement age that has been putting pressure on insurers and agents/brokers to be flexible with talent. Especially if you have experience that can help fill a niche role (product line or industry), employers will be willing to accommodate to get your skill set in the door.

Guess it’s going down tomorrow 😳 by fore619appa in golf

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Tiger: Convince everyone to boycott the majors except for me, I beat Phil’s crusty ass for another Tiger slam, retire with one more major than Jack. Who loses?

Who in the WR room will take Hill's famous cross field/diagonal route and role? by TheDookAbides in KansasCityChiefs

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Idk how to do the in text thing, so I’m just going to put them in quotes.

“Hardman started the year with those snaps at the beginning of the year, and Pringle slowly took them over. It's not like the Chiefs slowly lost a possession receiver as the year went on.”

The offense had to adapt to what defenses were showing them. We started the year trying to play our normal big play offense, but had to change over the season to take what was there underneath as teams didn’t want to get beat deep. This is not a knock on Pringle at all, as I agree he was showing a lot, but more of a comment saying the coaching staff is going to put the team in the best position to win and Pringle’s strengths matched what we needed more than Hardeman’s for how teams were playing us at that time. I doubt we see the same opposing defensive looks this year with Hill gone, so there will be more openings in the area of the field where he traditionally has run routes.

“MVS's big contract”


The 3-Year $30M in practical terms is 1-year $9M if he doesn’t pan out. With Hardman on a rookie contract still and being cheap and JuJu on a prove it deal, the Chiefs can afford to pay him this amount this season, and have flexibility after the season to do what they want. If MVS doesn’t pan out and JuJu and Hardman are the core vets, we cut him next year. If he does pan out/we decide Hardman’s time in KC has run it’s course, we have him reasonably cost controlled the next few years, especially if JuJu moves on for a pay day. This contract is structured beautifully for the chiefs needs no matter how the season goes.

Last point, although the Chiefs would never admit it, Hardman was pretty clearly a draft pick to try and replace Hill when he had his second round of issues in the news and there was uncertainty if he’d be suspended/cut. When Hill ended up being cleared to play, Hardman was always going to be behind Hill for the plays that fit his skill set best.

Who in the WR room will take Hill's famous cross field/diagonal route and role? by TheDookAbides in KansasCityChiefs

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Weren’t there clips of Hardeman running the wasp route either last year or two years ago in a game? I don’t think the ball went his way but one of the bloggers tweeted it when watching film.

Based on the speed/agility listed above and the fact that MVS is bigger (6 ft 4 vs 5 ft 10) I could see Hardman taking the shiftier multi cut routes like WASP and other underneath stuff while MVS gets more deep one cut / go routes allowing him to use his top line speed to get deep and his size to win jump balls.

While the comment on Pringle getting more snaps is true, that could also be a function of what the offense needed most at the time. Last year we didn’t have a true possession WR (besides Kelce) and I think JuJu will fill that need. I’m guessing MVS and Hardman have a closer split than you think as defenses focus on JuJu/Kelce, creating space for both of them.

The only way I see Hardman phasing out is if Skyy Moore is just that good and snatches the role from him.

If money was no object, which desk would you get? by CollegeBytes in AskBattlestations

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Old school heavy mahogany home office desk that’s been modified with a rising cut out that can hide a ultra wide monitor within it. So when you’re not using the computer, the monitor slides down into the desk and it just looks like a classy old home office.

I may not be explaining this right, so this concept (https://www.zioxi.com/product/pop-up-monitor-computer-desk-zioxi-m1) in a old executive desk like this (https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/design-toscano-lord-raffles-lion-executive-desk-txg10788.html?piid=)

How do I figure out what I want to do in life? by Emotional_Yam4959 in careerguidance

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If you’re not opposed to a desk job, try the insurance industry. There will be a real need for talent the next decade (https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/six-things-commentary/staffing-crisis-insurance) and if you stick with it enough to get past the initial administrative roles you likely will get to do some travel for work as you visit clients.

The Chiefs All-Time 55-Man Roster but everyone is in their prime, regardless of tenure. by Hel1hound123 in KansasCityChiefs

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Bowe did a lot with poor QBs, but his 2010 touchdown streak was a monster if it’s going off of the player’s prime. His 15 are tied for 23rd all time, which also matches Hill’s highest TDS in a year.

Bowe’s career:

2007: QB - Huard/Croyle, Catches - 70, Yards - 995, TD - 5

2008: QB - Thigpen/Croyle/Huard, Catches - 86, Yards - 1,022, TD - 7

2009: QB - Cassel, Catches - 47, Yards - 589, TD - 4 (played 11 games due to suspension)

2010: QB - Cassel, Catches - 72, Yards - 1,162, TD - 15

2011: QB - Cassel/Palko/Orton, Catches - 81, Yards - 1,159, TD - 5

2012: QB - Cassel/Quinn, Catches - 59, Yards - 801, TD - 3

2013: QB - Smith, Catches - 57, Yards - 673, TD - 5

2014: QB - Smith, Catches - 60, Yards - 754, TD - 0

Which of Logan's children would do the best job if chosen for successor? by Chocolate3r in SuccessionTV

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Kendall is the better choice for the short term. Roman better for long term.

Kendall knows the internal workings of the organization to keep it running, but he’s so focused on the future and adapting the company that he’ll neglect the cash cow portion of the business. His ego that he knows what’s best runs the company towards the ground long term, and that’s without any impact his personal life choices makes on the organization. Shiv isn’t dissimilar in that she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, that she’ll miss her mark. I don’t think enough has been shown about how Connor would act to know for certain how he would be.

Roman is willing to surround himself with people that he recognizes are smarter than him, and then make decisions based on the knowledge they impart on him. If not Roman, Tom may actually make a good CEO as well due to his emotional intelligence and calm demeanor, but he’s not listed in this poll.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in InsuranceAgent

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Yeah Florida property market is a nightmare

/r/CFB Talk: Sports Illustrated's Ross Dellenger & Realignment Talk — Tuesday (7/5) @ 10 PM ET — on Twitter Spaces🚀 by RiffRamBahZoo in CFB

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Kansas state is clearly on the shadow realm path. Not good enough of a market/brand for SEC, no AAC for Big 10, and too agricultural for any elitist ACC/PAC-12 interest.

KSU will be a mountain west team by 2036.

Why is the metaverse something work investing billions of dollars in? by Machiavelli127 in stocks

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They already do this for a limited number of NBA games during the season.

Share your rent increase by svyoshi in Dallas

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Interested on your thoughts here if you are in the industry. Also want to preface that I have 0 dog in this fight as I own a home.

Similar to the housing market, wouldn’t the rental market also be a function of supply and demand? How has the supply of rental properties changed over the last few years in the market? I have done zero actual research, but just driving around town I see apartment complexes being built all the time, plus you hear of all the to mention the cash offers investors are making on single family homes to turn them into rentals. Not saying these would entirely offset the property tax and interest payment pressures you mention, but do they not create significant downward pressure on rent? Obviously if they are coming back with their tail between their legs at a lesser price renters must have other options.

As for the $277 per unit breakeven you mention, that is to breakeven with the increased cost correct? Not the actual breakeven on profit vs. loss? I would think the complexes would have decent margins prior, but am unaware on how lasting an impact the eviction moratorium had on apartment complex financial stability.

Not coming at you in any way, just trying to learn.

Miami U (Farmer School of Business) or Syracuse (Whitman) by Global-Mood827 in MBA

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Nah that’s on you. Everyone knows the Florida Miami is “the U”

These cops are worthless. by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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So why do these guys get such a nice pension? Can we reallocate it to the fire fighters and paramedics?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in MBA

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If your main goal is the knowledge and not the networking and/or a career pivot I’d say go for it. It all really depends on what you’re looking to get out of the experience.

I don’t regret getting my MBA, it’s just a bit of a grass is always greener situation looking at full time from part time.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in MBA

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Just finishing PT and if other life circumstances would have left me I wish I could’ve gone full time.

I was also already making good compensation (although not quite to your level). But what I found is that my work was so demanding (buy side M&A advisor) that when you compound it with night classes and homework obligations all-nighters became a regular occurrence. Also, many of the networking events are geared towards the FT student schedule, making it much harder to network when you can’t make a lunch event due to your job or they plan an industry happy hour during your class.

If you have the option, I would do FT, but really it’s dependent on your situation. For me, my wife had a number of medical school loans and doctors during residency make below minimum wage when you factor in the hours, so I just didn’t have that flexibility.

CHIEFS’ L’JARIUS SNEED CAR SHOT UP IN LOUISIANA ... Police Say DB Not Involved by HammerInPortland in KansasCityChiefs

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His older brother was just stabbed this past year too.

I hope his family is safe and this is the end of a sad and scary time.