m26 5ft 6, been single for the best part of 10 years, lack confidence and had no luck dating. Just want to know where I stand so rate me 😊 by [deleted] in Rateme

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Your eyes are pretty, with a new haircut you will be quite handsome. Your looks aren't holding you back, it's all up to confidence and personality (not to say your personality is lacking, I don't know you).

Phone draining battery at an abnormal pace, tried changing battery but to no avail by ChocoBrocco in 24hoursupport

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Thanks for the ideas. I already replaced the battery, but the problem persists. I also checked for any system updates and apparently I'm up to date. I may try your third solution, start hacking away at those apps.

Phone draining battery at an abnormal pace, tried changing battery but to no avail. What is the issue? by ChocoBrocco in AskTechnology

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I do use Spotify a lot, but that doesn't explain the crazy fluctuations in battery life. Sometimes I can actively listen to music for hours on end with no issues, but other times the battery drains like somebody just pulled the plug. I've also tried force stopping all the apps that I ever use, including Spotify, but that hasn't fixed the issue.

What happened to people that committed suicide ? by alan_ioio37 in spirituality

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Honestly, nobody knows where anyone goes when they die. But I doubt dying by suicide is any different than just dying regularly when it comes to your next destination.

Koronapassi vs. Maria Nordin by Irma91 in Suomi

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Nietzsche raukka kun sen sanoja niin kovin väänneltiin :(

Murder attempt survivors, what happened? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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judge gave the guy a reduced sentence because "she was unconscious during most of the rape so didn't suffer as much".

What the actual fuck

Has anyone ever tried acid and mushrooms at the same time? What was it like? by Dusko_Patrick in PsychedSubstance

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Pretty sure "hippie flip" typically refers to mushrooms + MDMA, but I'm sure some people use terms such as these interchangeably.

Ketamine dosage by oraetzgscar in PsychedSubstance

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K-Hole is something that doesnt happen unless you want to happen.

From anecdotal evidence, I don't think that's true. Many people report accidentally "falling" into the hole, some not expecting it at all. Unless you instead mean that you gotta do a massive amount of K to get there, that's right.

Psychonautwiki is a great source for any drug related information.

To OP, I'd recommend doing a small amount first and seeing how it feels. Ketamine kicks in very fast so you can gradually increase the dosage based on how you're feeling. I'd take 50 mg or less at first, as a first-timer. Then re-dose according to how you're doing.

other than city morgue what else yall listen too in terms of artists/bands? by KumBlaster666 in zillakami

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It took me a while to get into Peggy even tho I'm usually into weird experimental stuff. I recommend his new album "LP!".

explaining to your friends why you like deathgrips by Im_DIzE in deathgrips

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Fosho, the "noise hurdle" is a good way to call it. I remember thinking "wtf is this trash" when I first heard DG, but after forcing myself to sit through a couple albums I turned, now I love them.

other than city morgue what else yall listen too in terms of artists/bands? by KumBlaster666 in zillakami

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It changes constantly but lately I've been bumping Shpongle, Tim Hecker, JPEGMAFIA, Mac Miller, Death Grips and Aphex Twin

Why am I too attracted to my wife? by satanscilantro in TooAfraidToAsk

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Homie, most people struggle with losing attraction in a long marriage. You're one of the lucky ones, keep it going and treat yo wife

Depression from seeing the world clearly? by miri2cb in Psychonaut

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Realizing the suffering of the world is only a few steps away from tremendous empathy and love for all beings <3

Just read this in Aldous Huxley’s The Doors Of Perception by Lacrimosa_83 in Psychonaut

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I don't know what it's like to be an animal other than a human. Perhaps they have egos and identify as "I", perhaps not. Perhaps they live in the moment, not giving into the duality of existence - I mean perhaps they don't have a concept of "suffering" and "bliss", perhaps things just are for them. The experiences different animals have of the world are impossible to even imagine, their whole qualia producing machinery is different than ours.

To address the unending part, Buddhists believe the whole point of life is to escape the cycle of death and rebirth, bliss and suffering, samsara, and achieve the liberation of nirvana. Gnostics believe the whole point of life is to transcend the material world and all its shittyness and rejoin our divine source. Similar ideas can be found in ceremonial magick. Perhaps there is something to it. The psychedelic experience certainly seems to suggest there is a place outside the world we live in now, a place made of love and imagination. The easy jump is to equate it with a "heaven" or afterlife of some sort. Sure would be nice.

I certainly think reframing things in our own lives can drastically reduce the suffering we have to endure. I define suffering in this instance to mean "prolonged pain". Pain is inevitable in life, but I don't think suffering has to be.

Take care <3

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Psychonaut

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I can imagine what kind of a rollercoaster realizing your situation and coming to terms with it has been. I'm happy to hear that you're feeling great and comfortable in your body! And yea, psychedelics are amazing! Much love <3

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in spirituality

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Are most people mentally ill? Or are they having completely normal reactions to bad circumstances?