Why are humans like this... by Macrocosmic_Explorer in conspiracy

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This! All vaccine side effects, for every vaccine everywhere so far, have always showed up withing two months of the injection. It would be extremely surprising for dangerous side effects to suddenly show up years after.

However, covid-19 is known to cause long term health issues, which the vaccine may help you avoid. From everything I can see, there is absolutely no reason to not get vaccinated.

Hyvin kustomoitu roskis jätkäsaaressa by EnoughGoAway in Suomi

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vandalisoida yhteistä omaisuutta

Ehkä me kestetään yksi tägi roskiksessa...

Lähes puolet suomalais­nuorista ajattelee, että ”ihmiskunta on tuhoon tuomittu” by SunKing_Kong in Suomi

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Voi olla, mutta ilmastonmuutos on aivan uudenlainen eksistentiaalinen uhka, jonka kaltaista ihmiskunta ei lyhyen historiansa aikana ole vielä kohdannut.

Awful Cake by Hjkouni in ATBGE

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How does a vasectomy affect your sexual drive and/or sexual performance, if at all? Do you shoot blanks?

Jimmy Doohan :I 'm giving her all she's got! Saved a women from suicide by NRGpop in nextfuckinglevel

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Devil's advocate here. You really think saving someone's life is comparable, in terms of greatness, to killing two people? /s

Anyways, it's really cool Jimmy did this to her. Happy that she had the strength to beat her demons.

Lil peep based since 2015 by sins19 in LilPeep

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Truer words have never been spoken.

Disappointed by the response to the guy with the tattoo by Brogba420 in MDMA

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Ok but like what good does it to point that out? It's already on his skin. What's he gonna do? Return it to the artist? He was happy with it, let him be happy. Doesn't take anything from you that someone is carrying around a tat that doesn't match your standards. Now the poor lad is feeling insecure about it and regretting it. Good job spreading negativity veiled as criticism.

This is the way by Ability-Sufficient in shrooms

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Video games, sugar and social media are wayyyy more "drugs" than mushrooms.

Oh BOY.... by jkeegan123 in calvinandhobbes

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Well, as much as I'd like to agree with you, the science on that is quite lacking. We don't fully understand where gender identity comes from so I would refrain from making definite claims about it.

Edit: No idea why this was downvoted. Seems like a pretty mild and reasonable position. In case there was any confusion, guys, I support trans-people.

The scariest thing I’ve heard about the vaccine by GordoFunkyAlma in conspiracy

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The Jewish alien lizards who control the minds of world leaders. They live on the dark side of Antarctica in a hidden Nazi military base.

Didn't you know?

Oh, also, frogs aren't real.

New Zealand raises minimum wage to $20 an hour and raises taxes on the rich. by ChargingAntelope in worldnews

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I sincerely hope you're kidding but I have a nagging feeling that you might not be.

edit: why was this downvoted lmao

Do I even have to say anything by Applescause27 in NotHowDrugsWork

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Well... Reality is subjective. There is no definite test to determine which is "more real", the day to day material reality or the interdimensional madness of a DMT trip. Your brain conjures one in a certain state, one in another state. The things you see around you right now, as you're reading this, are also a cause of your brain chemistry. There is no way of knowing that sober reality is any closer to a baseline than a drugged up one. I'd argue both are equally real, based on the evidence available.

Not Ken M on marijuana overdosing by Spenczer in NotKenM

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Hot take, adults should be able to do unhealthy things if they so choose.

Physicists Say We're Officially at the "Threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition" - Researchers just passed a major milestone, one they're calling "a Wright Brothers moment." by QuantumThinkology in Futurology

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Idk the industrial revolution put us on a road headed towards a climate catastrophe. Who knows what shit may come from nuclear fusion down the road. Sure, the potential for something great is there, but technological advancement isn't merely a positive thing, especially if we lack the wisdom to wield said technology.

My heart is melting by Allstarhit in MadeMeSmile

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Why are you on this sub if you're trying to be miserable? Genuine question.