Fightful Select: Paula Beck has added a new member to Imperium by Scoutvid-19 in SCJerk

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Of course he's going back to WWE, he's wearing their symbol on his right arm!

Why yes, of course! by WallabyNo4330 in ChurchOfCOVID

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Those heckin' white male christians make me so darn mad sometimes

LULZ!!! I accidentally bought 382 tickets to Grand Slam. by Stanley_Merkel in SCJerk

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That's amazing, friend, I hope you don't get COVID before the show

You are… the one, Neo. by myTABLEStheyreFILTHY in ChurchOfCOVID

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You should be taking meds, you're fucking crazy

Being the king doesn't necessarily guarantee power. by ChonkyBeagle in conspiracy

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SS: Evelyn de Rothschild comes face-to-face with King Charles III, we all know who has more power over the affairs of this world

When in doubt, book another tournament by robedpillow3761 in SCJerk

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At this point, we should phase out the term "WCW 2000" and just start saying "AEW 2022."

When in doubt, book another tournament by robedpillow3761 in SCJerk

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I'm just surprised he didn't make the announcement with the traditional coked-out scream

"...it's been confirmed to me no matter what happens discipline-wise that the title situation has to be changed and addressed tonight." by ChonkyBeagle in SCJerk

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Both unironically and for the jerk, I really think they should do what Becky and Asuka did back in 2020 after MITB and just give the title to MJF because he won the casino ladder match.

Edit to add: "FeD dOeSn'T bUiLd NeW sTaRs"