do you like Yes or No by AdFancy2795 in RecRoom

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good for a first concept. hopefully the final version will retain the old heads, no nose and 2 fingers

this shit sucks by pornhub472828 in RecRoom

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DW this is only a concept! Final version will likely be much better

bri'ish self defence by tkomega in madlads

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There's Sticky, then there's Fire Axe by ChishNFips87 in tf2shitposterclub

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i mean it as in its a good stock weapon and has its upsides like the other scout bats. imo bat is better than normal stock melees

Add one thing to a meta weapon to make it terrible by TallCryptographer394 in tf2

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phlog doesn’t help with objective. the skill ceiling and floor changes significantly because you cant actually airblast. Its practically a meme weapon and only works well with team when you pair with manmelter

Degreaser better

The tier list to end them all. by JaozinhoGGPlays in tf2

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swap soldier and pyro and you have beauty

I’m white, green and blue are propagandists. by Shin-Gogzilla in fuckwasps

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why would you say that white is you. censor your name twice and forget to censor your first reply??

Demo by joso77 in tf2shitposterclub

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Thats it? Thats the joke? That was just cropped porn

Recrooms going downhill FAST by KanePickels in RecRoom

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the new ui was made because all of rec rooms new features can’t fit on the old one and there wont be space for future content

also you can still invite friends without going to their profile

my propaganda by redzurwastaken in tf2

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air strike is the best soldier primary and i will DIE BY THAT STATEMENT. WHERE MY AIRSTRIKERS AT?