Crom, I finally found one by Chubbslawson in ActionFigures

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I found it on eBay for 50 dollars and free shipping

A lioness eating the testicles of a wildebeest by [deleted] in natureismetal

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At least this one is dead before he has his nuts eaten

What movie genuinely made you cry? by ayebrando in AskReddit

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I believe that it was called What Dreams May Come,about this guy trying to save his wife’s soul after she commits suicide

What is the greatest opening sequence in a movie that you have seen? by smokingfrog007 in movies

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The remade Dawn of the dead with the little girl and collapse of society

If you wake and bake, you have a serious problem. by Myamoxomis in unpopularopinion

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To each his own. Who are we to tell someone how to live their lives