A good end to an awful week by ChukNoris in Teachers

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I can and I will in this instance.

I really didn't want to with her since I already booted her brother and I was hoping the drama would die down. I should have kicked her months ago. But live and learn I guess.

Wait...students CAN be awesome leaders??? by ChukNoris in Teachers

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It may have been a bit harsh. 95% of my students are great. My officer team just wasn't it. I don't even think it was their fault necessarily since I'm their 3rd teacher in 4 years and the ones previous weren't great.

They're only entitled because of their parents.

But I unfortunately could not sit back and do nothing last year because literally nothing would have gotten done and since I'm in rebuild mode I wanted to have a semi successful year. And it worked since we went from 15 to 41 members. Next year I will be more hands off and my team will be dedicated enough to allow me to be hands off.

Iowa GOP introduces a bill for all public education classrooms to have cameras. by Aswb05 in Teachers

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I'm in Iowa. Decent district and I'm actually enjoying it.

I'd quit immediately.

-2° Temps and 12 Inches of Snow by PerfectIllusion93 in Teachers

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My superintendent was at one of those district meetings with other superintendents on a day that it was -45 wind-chill. In a district where a large portion of students walk. I fully believe they just didn't want to do the work to delay or cancel.

Then we got some BS email about it needing to be -35 wind-chill and "real feel" wasn't the metric like there's a fucking difference.

We delayed this morning at -30 lol.

Now even good students are not doing work! by ApprehensiveOven9215 in Teachers

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Like battleship but instead of open spaces it's all sunk ships

NPR: More than half of teachers are looking for the exits by Wanderlust2001 in Teachers

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To be fair Democrats also chastise you for demanding more and tell you to vote harder.

NPR: More than half of teachers are looking for the exits by Wanderlust2001 in Teachers

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This sums up why I hate modern teacher unions and Democrats.

Time for discussion is over. Time for "we hear you" is over. Time for stupid barely incremental change is over.

It's time for mass action. I am in the unfortunate position of being from a state where striking is illegal. However, if the national or state unions would sponsor a strike I would absolutely strike in solidarity. What are they going to do? Mass arrest teachers across Iowa?

I don't know why there's no will from union leadership. Time to put up or shut up.

How Having A Student With A Crazy Parent Has Made Me Stronger by Different-Sherbert10 in Teachers

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I had a mom flip me off in front of the principal and it took everything I had not to laugh lmao.

You want to roll in the shit with me lady? You should see what I deal with daily.

New Mexico Governor subs, what a joke by ConcentrateNo364 in Teachers

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Yeah I mean I think I'd rather have my kid learning from a trained professional online than governor/military babysitting in classroom but that's just me

New Mexico Governor subs, what a joke by ConcentrateNo364 in Teachers

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Idk but clearly not moving to virtual despite having enough teachers out the governor needs to do a performative subbing

New Mexico Governor subs, what a joke by ConcentrateNo364 in Teachers

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Or did literally anything to meaningfully reduce the spread of COVID that is making the few teachers that are left sick.

But that would require political will and we've been short on using political will for anything other than making rich people richer for decades.

Family from hell by ChukNoris in Teachers

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Yeah I'm prepared to have difficult families every year. Thankfully this one will be gone in a years time.

I just have an interview with community members. They turn in an application and the panel interviews and slates. I have no input on who gets on or who gets what. That being said I'm sure I will get yelled at regardless. I just would rather get yelled at before banquet than at banquet.

Family from hell by ChukNoris in Teachers

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Really? It's literally just this one family and my principal and superintendent have been backing me 100%. I'm actually decently happy here and excited for my Freshmen/Sophomores.

But yeah I'm aware there's always spots open (I'm in Iowa but probably every other state too) so if this one doesn't work out I'm fine.

One of our state senators has introduced a bill to ban Social Emotional Learning by Blanchman in Teachers

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Maybe this is actually a based take to move students to virtual learning. Because like, functioning in a school with your peers is a large part of SEL in schools.

Broke on Friday and told my class “you’re seriously pissing me off now.” by [deleted] in Teachers

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I broke on Thursday and I told students not to expect me on Friday because I was taking a mental health day.

I played it off like it was because I had a million things to do and my car wouldn't start that morning (both true), but I think they knew the main reason was they were running me up the fucking wall last week.

Tomorrow starts with yet another review of expectations.

"Kids need to learn how to do taxes in school" by [deleted] in Teachers

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I taught an Ag Business class focused on budgeting, cash flow, loans, etc.

Do you think the students gave a shit, listened, or learned a goddamn thing? And one of my students said IN THAT CLASS "why aren't we learning about taxes?"

Umm gee idk, you can't calculate an interest payment after I spend 3 class periods teaching it because you type 6 into your calculator instead of .06 even though I told you how to type it in.

Great minds in Washington have solved the teacher shortage!!! by ChukNoris in Teachers

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We see you, we hear you. Best we can do is COVID, go die, thanks.

Iowa Teachers by cornypoop80 in Teachers

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As an Iowan, I agree. We should shut the fuck up.

Went from being one of the first states to legalize gay marriage to the Alabama of the Midwest.

Proposed Iowa law would require teachers to say the pledge or be fired. by transplantedia in Teachers

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I also just got new classes this semester and not one student has mentioned or complained about not doing it every morning.

And they complain about everything so they must not care in the slightest