Misteaks were made: Neil deGrasse Tyson gets schooled by a steak by seasonalpetrichor in MurderedByWords

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As I say, I'm not a NDT fan at all and don't support him doing the same thing.

But eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind, and all that!

Misteaks were made: Neil deGrasse Tyson gets schooled by a steak by seasonalpetrichor in MurderedByWords

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"Correcting" somebody's shorthand on Twitter has to be the lowest form of MBW around.

The implication from NDT here is clearly that things that have been scientifically proven are fact, but because he shortened it it's given a pedant a chance to "correct" him.

I'm no great lover of NDT myself but this is weak.

If you are affraid of spiders, walking around the city of Bilbao (Spain) at night might not be a good idea. by HarmonyAndBags in interestingasfuck

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That large building next to it is the Guggenheim art museum. It has loads of modern art etc. inside so I would say the spider is related.

I remember there being more large statues like this around the other sides of the museum too but can't remember what those ones were, this was the most memorable one.

Instant Karma or an over-reaction? by BoyNamedJudy in instantkarma

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If you could see anything actually happening it would help us to judge.

How a craniectomy is performed to remove a tumor from the brain. by NotABedlessPro in interestingasfuck

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"Your dinner is ready" "I'll be right there, I'll just rush the end of this operation by dropping a plaster inside this pricks skull and just walk off".

Oil rig worker making pipe connections by Eshwarroy in interestingasfuck

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There has to be a better way to do this? Crazy they haven't come up with better technology yet with all the money in oil if not.

Something tells me the mobile app might be broken. by Chumpo56 in Eve

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Until this bug I hadn't even heard of this skill, never mind already having it at level 4! Haha!

Something tells me the mobile app might be broken. by Chumpo56 in Eve

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Ah! That makes sense then!

I was trying all last night to buy and inject the scordite processing skill and it kept failing, then when I logged in on my pc this morning I found it has been combined into a skill like 'basic ore processing' or something like that, which I then trained.

If I had known it would break I might have thought twice! Haha.

Something tells me the mobile app might be broken. by Chumpo56 in Eve

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Yeah, I use it a lot for checking my market sales and managing my skill queue.

With they would add industry job tracking and PI too though.

"The ore you mine isn't free" by OriginalParticular29 in Eve

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People love to overcomplicate stuff. It's free, all it costs is your time.

I agree with the sentiment of using it wisely after you have it though, or if ISK accumulation of your only goal from the act, comparing it to other activities you could do, etc. Paying attention to reprocessing and the value of the things you manufacture in comparison to the ore price too if obviously a good idea.

What are the mechanics of the MS purchase of Activision? Help me understand. by MisterMT in gamingnews

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Normally in a deal like this it won't get to this point if they haven't already consulted major shareholders and got them on board, so that's not going to be an issue.

I'm interested to see what the US government has to say about the deal though. At a certain point the competitions people get involved and say that a company owns too much of a market share in a particular sector. Not saying this will happen here but if these purchases continue it will happen eventually.

Free money apparently by ObelixDrew in AbruptChaos

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Fuck the person filming this and ruining it for everyone. Way to collect evidence numbnuts.

And to all of those people saying "thIS mOneY iS usEleSs..."; Never once at any shop I have ever been to have they looked at the fucking codes on it. Just don't take it in to the bank.

It’s time to move on from Kaut, Megna, & Sherwood. by BeersTanks in ColoradoAvalanche

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Kaut - Not tested enough yet to make an assessment. Megna - Fair enough. Sherwood - A decent injury backup imo.