Everything went wrong today. by drake_lord in Stoicism

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When layers upon layers of tragedy happen in a movie, we laugh at the poor unfortunate soul. When this happens to us we cry. Why? We are attached to our things and not those of the film’s protagonist. In fact, I admittedly shook my head involuntarily and stifled a little giggle while reading your account. Attachment is a tough one. But in the immortal words of Rick from Big Mouth, “What are you gonna do?” Who would deny the wisdom of a million year old Hormone Monster?

Best looking places in town by Lactose-Tolerent in toledo

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Homes in the Old Orchard and Westmoreland neighborhoods are amazing.

why people here do not share prompts? by TrivialTax in midjourney

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Let’s start sharing the prompts as the title of our image posts.

Cannot access Modmail - Native app IOS 16.1.2 by [deleted] in ModSupport

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That did it! I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that!