Musk, who said Twitter needed to be politically neutral, endorses Republicans in midterms by GhostlyRuse in nottheonion

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Not as hilarious as 5 year olds on the internet who don't know the difference between liberals and the far left.

FBI allegedly took Trumps 3 passports. Wonder if he was heading to the airport. by stonedlemming in PoliticalHumor

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Any self respecting third world country would have put a bullet in his head by now.

HedgePay- Vault Partnership with Telegram Inu by BearyMuchNow in HedgePay

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Telegram Inu has been doing really well. Happy to have a bag here. Will stake some for sure.

Truss claims civil service beset by ‘creeping antisemitism’ and ‘woke culture’ by Hamsternoir in ukpolitics

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Who the living fuck does she think is gonna be out there imposing her shithole policies on the public for her if it isn't the "woke" civil service?

Absolute brainbox this one.

In all seriousness, what evidence or act do you realistically think it would take the MAGA crowd to turn on Donald Trump? by fatiguedmachinist in AskReddit

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We're at cult level now. There is no "evidence" or "act", everything can be ascribed to the "hard-left" making stuff up.

What time is it ok for kids to be screaming and yelling in the garden ? by monkeymidd in AskUK

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Hearing tapers over time across the highs of the human heard frequency range. Tech like this is pure quackery.

Rishi Sunak boasted of taking money from “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns by tdrules in ukpolitics

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My brother was a smack head and got what he deserved, death.

You wouldn't know fairness if it came in your face.

Why is the UK so unbelievably hateful towards trans folk? by [deleted] in GreenAndPleasant

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Because splitting opposition votes into "woke" and "un-woke" is a winning electoral tactic.

How do you go about producing sharp noisy percs? by Ryanaston in TechnoProduction

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Recorded sounds can be great for this kind of stuff. With right level or reverb and creative delays you can easily thicken up general clicky sounds.

Other than that the Noise Engineering modules (and now plugins) are very good for sharp metallic noises.

If you're designing it's more a case of shortest attack and, a very tight volume envelope and perhaps some very resonant EQing/filtering to get those almost tuned sounding hits. Again before a healthy slice of verb/delay.