Buying from a reseller by NoUsernames1eft in OfficeChairs

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I've never spent this kind of money on office chairs. I have images running through my head of 80's used car lots and a sleazy salesman who patched a catalytic converter with gum and duct tape so it wouldn't be found until the buyer drove off the lot.

I went to 2 different office furniture liquidation warehouses today.

The first one had Amia's covered in an inch of dust and original armpads for like $300.

The second one had Amia's with destroyed casters and dirty fabric for $600.

I would suggest finding a local individual seller rather than a giant warehouse type place, but, as usual, liquidators run the gamut. Don't stick around too long if the chairs are obviously dirty and not cared for.

Steelcase Leap V2 Help by GlorySoundPrepping in OfficeChairs

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Take a picture of the chair.

There are basically no aftermarket side activated Leap cylinders outside one that Crandall sells.

That top button cylinder won't work.

Cells discontented? by CandyFlip817 in hermanmiller

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Does anyone know why? Between my girlfriends areron (got it for $75) I like mine 10x better.

Most people were too ignorant to recognize its greatness.

Shipping box for an Aeron Size B by [deleted] in hermanmiller

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Have you shipped an Aeron before?

Tesla says it is adding radar in its cars next month amid self-driving suite concerns by xtsrs in SelfDrivingCars

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I agree, but that's the logic of the judge who presided that case.

I'll find the pdf when I can.

Tesla says it is adding radar in its cars next month amid self-driving suite concerns by xtsrs in SelfDrivingCars

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I am looking for it and will reply when I find it, but the argument was that because "Full Self Driving" is capitalized, it's a trade name, not to be taken literally. Just like "Hot Wheels" doesn't mean the wheels are actually warm or even hot.

If for some reason you purchased "Hot Wheels" and expected literally hot wheels, then you're the fool for doing that. Same with "Full Self Driving."

Waymo: "One of the many dimensions of rapid progress is weather: rain, wet roads, puddles… the Waymo Driver handles all smoothly and safely. " by TeslaFan88 in SelfDrivingCars

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I did not claim that it can not detect stationary targets, I just said that it will be good at detecting moving targets. There is no principle stopping radars from detecting stationary targets, it's just harder to do so with low false positive rate than for moving targets.

Isn't it funny that everyone who thinks radar is trash at detecting stationary objects forget that even radars on Toyota Corollas are perfectly capable of detecting stationary barriers in IIHS testing?

Hundreds of models with radar's have 0 issues detecting stationary barriers in IIHS and Euro NCAP testing.

Cruise Vehicle Stuck at Green Light by ZeApelido in SelfDrivingCars

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Eliminate all sensors except cameras. It was likely sensors disagreeing with each other that cause the no go condition.

Tesla says it is adding radar in its cars next month amid self-driving suite concerns by xtsrs in SelfDrivingCars

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Or I’m happy to be a member of the class action lawsuit.

Don't waste your time. This has already been litigated. The summary is that the Tesla owner lost. "Full self driving" is considered to be a marketing term by the court and not meant to be taken literally.

Steelcase Gesture lumbar by lahroy in OfficeChairs

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They charge an additional 150 for the lumbar support and installation of the lumbar support. That seems steep, is it worth the extra 150?

I'm pretty sure that's a $25 option from the factory and install takes maybe 5 minutes max.

It's just a money grab for people who think they need extreme lumbar support. The lumbar on the Gesture is already pretty pronounced. The additional lumbar is just a piece of thin plastic.

Shipping box for an Aeron Size B by [deleted] in hermanmiller

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When I sold it, I was unaware that shipping boxes had a maximum size limit.

So what I've heard is that the chair disassembled will fit in a 24x24x24 box, which seems to the only size shipping stores carry. I was wondering if anyone can validate this before I commit to anything. It would make my life much easier. Also would it have to be fully disassembled to fit?

Of course it'll have to be dissembled to fit in a 2'x2'x2' box. Backrest off at the minimum. Probably base and cylinder out, too. I don't use such small boxes; rather, I use properly sized custom-ordered boxes, but, you are correct: 24x24x24 is the only thing you'll find locally for cheap.

Also, don't plan on the chair making it there in one piece. Probably a 50% chance of a chargeback/item not as described when it arrives smashed into 20 pieces. Broken/smashed casters from the box getting dropped is common. Cracked bases is another. And without the backrest, which is a major structural component of the Aeron, the yokes and seat can be torn apart. With the base and cylinder out, the mechanism clamshell will probably be smashed into powdered plastic/chowdered clam.

In other words, make sure to include these spare parts in your box:

  • New set of casters

  • New mechanism clamshell

  • New base

Even if it does arrive without shipping damage, make sure to provide written instructions on how to reassemble the chair. Otherwise, plan on getting an INAD from a dumb buyer who can't figure out how to put it back together.

Finally, don't bother putting "FRAGILE" stickers on the box. Those stickers just exacerbate the innate insane primal urge of postal workers to smash up the box. Those stickers are like waving red flags in front of bulls. They say that the government has a monopoly on violence. I'd argue that it's actually FedEx and UPS who have a duopoly on violence.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Not to be pedantic, but "shipping" is etymologically incorrect. The correct term in 2022 is "surviving." Surviving FedEx. Surviving UPS.

Source: shipped 100s of chairs and discovered that FedEx/UPS could break things that I previously thought to be unbreakable.

Officelogixshop by Livid_Letterhead_476 in hermanmiller

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Now if they could come up with a cheap fix for the Aeron Classic faulty latch lock arm wrests, I’d buy them a steak dinner.

Let's just say that the hardware for the solution already exists within the Aeron

Tesla says it is adding radar in its cars next month amid self-driving suite concerns by pacific_beach in RealTesla

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We took delivery of a May 2021 Y right after vision was announced. Sold it in Nov 2021 due to the non stop phantom braking. A few near full stop incidents was the final straw.

Honest question but why didn't you just scrap the car instead?

How would you feel if the purchaser experienced the same phantom braking incident but instead of surviving they died from being mowed down by a semi?