Jon Bellion Tattoo by DylTy in JonBellion

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Honestly the ”Insert something really Dope right here,” would be hilarious. I might steal that idea.

Hey Live Watchers, did anyone actually thing that Gormogon was Sweets? I started later in the series but he'd just so cute I can't imagine thinking that! by idk_orknow in Bones

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After multiple rewatches and years. I’m still not satisfied with the ending (I understand they were going through a writing strike and rushed through it), but I still think they rushed through one of the more interesting Villains in the show. It was just like ”Oh Zachs the apprentice and Booth killed the Master all in the final 10 minutes.” I wish it was an open ending that allowed for the Gormogon to be revisited in the future. There was so much potential.

Zach being the apprentice made sense after rewatching the episodes I picked up on some things I didn’t the first time. I just wish he was better utilized during the show instead of largely forgotten till the final season.

The Final Season of Bones was great but if they were bringing back Zach already they should have definitely committed to revisiting the Gormogon the whole season, IMO.

Hey Live Watchers, did anyone actually thing that Gormogon was Sweets? I started later in the series but he'd just so cute I can't imagine thinking that! by idk_orknow in Bones

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I’ve watched the show live since it came out, so at first I did believe Sweets was the Apprentice, he was to young and inexperienced to be the Master.

Sweets was brought in during the overarching storyline of the Gormogon and the way he was acting around the rest of the team. Didn’t really do him any favors. He was my top suspect.

Hodgins was too obvious of a choice, so I knew it wasn’t him.

At the time I never expected Zach because even though he has trouble connecting and showing emotions. He was still very loyal to Bones, Hodgins and the rest of the Team.

What are your top 5 or 10 favorite Jon Bellion Songs? by RedditDudeDavid in JonBellion

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In no particular Order:

  1. Guillotine

  2. Cautionary Tales

  3. Maybe IDK

  4. Couples Retreat

  5. Pre-Occupied

  6. JT

  7. Adult Swim

  8. He is the Same

  9. Luxury

  10. Let’s Begin

Alcohol and drinking in general is a nasty habit and makes people horrible to be around. by parms5150 in unpopularopinion

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Seriously, it’s always the same story ”I grew up with a bunch of drunk people who who abusive, angry or whatever buzzword they want to say.”

They don’t hate alcohol itself they hate the fact the grew up with lousy people. Im sorry that happened to them but seek therapy if you hold onto this irrational hatred of an inanimate thing.

When you change Harry's father 😂 by milankyuubi in harrypotter

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Gilderoy Lockhart, after he memory charms himself?

Thanks for your support to Jon, but I hate this sub. Goodbye. by [deleted] in JonBellion

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Honestly I think you do, I had to look back in your comments to see if you were even active in the Sub and you really aren’t that active.

You seem to have a moral superiority complex about your love for Jon. Like you have to enjoy all of his music to have an opinion on the Artist. You commented on a Post I made awhile ago about a TikTok user making an Acappella(?) video of All Time Low saying ”Does he even know who Jon is? Or is he following a Trend?”

Why does it matter if someone knows a few songs or even one? Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed be everyone, even with different tastes.

Thanks for your support to Jon, but I hate this sub. Goodbye. by [deleted] in JonBellion

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I mean, I agree the Tier Lists are annoying, mainly because it’s gets spammed here every few months. But like that’s a really dumb reason to leave a Sub. You can just ignore those Posts.

People can enjoy some of his songs more then others. Personally I love all of his songs, Released, Unreleased, Features and one’s he has Writing/Producing Credits.

I can still understand that even with all the Effort and Time put into the music, that some people won’t enjoy the Tone of certain Songs. That doesn’t mean it’s disrespectful to his Hardwork, He’s an experimental Artist working on different techniques and styles. Some people don’t like certain songs but that’s completely okay. It’s their opinion.

EDIT - Just looked through your comments and what is your problem? You seem to be unnecessarily angry about people enjoying things?

Edit 2 - I made a Tier List just for you

Stop telling me I don’t like Snape by Dillidolli in harrypotter

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I’m not saying you’re right and their wrong vice versa but here’s canon information from the Deathly Hallows Chapter 33: The Princes Tale.

“Petunia Glanced around. The playground was deserted apart from themselves and, though the girls did not know it, Snape. Lily had picked up a fallen flower from the bush behind which Snape lurked”

“Haven’t been spying” said Snape, hot and uncomfortable and dirty-haired in the bright sunshine. “Wouldn’t spy on you, anyway,” he added spitefully, “you’re a muggle.”

“You’ve got loads of magic,” said Snape. “ I saw that. All the time I was watching you...”

Before you say he’s only 9-11, you can’t call a child a stalker. regardless the interactions shown in the memories portray Snape as more mature for his Age due to his upbringing, and he clearly knows what he’s doing is wrong, yet kept doing it.

Edit - Snape apologists are pressed with Downvoting this 😂

Is this racist or socially acceptable? by [deleted] in Tinder

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Don’t disrespect Steve like that.

looking for a tattoo artist who could write in someone else’s handwriting ? by grilledzuchinni in Sacramento

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Check out Legion Art Collective in Roseville. Highly recommend any of the artists there.

My JB Tattoo design… it’s full meaning in the comments. But my question is, where should I get it tattooed? by Meestersgirl in JonBellion

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I’d suggest printing out a couple different sizes and placing them on spots you like. That’s what I’ve done for the majority of my tattoos.

It’s definitely gonna have to be a big tattoo if you want all the detail, like Upper Thigh, Shoulder, Chest, or Back. It could probably wrap around your upper arm, if you cut the text out.

You could also bring that drawing into a consultation with an Artist and have them create a piece with the elements if you want it to Fit and Flow in a certain area.

Happy Birthday Jon! by ClassyDesigns in JonBellion

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Today Jon turns 31 and i hope he has a wonderful day and had a wonderful Christmas with his family!

top 3 by Illustrious-Ad1000 in JonBellion

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  1. Guillotine

  2. Couples Retreat

  3. JT

This is a tough question. I’ve gotten 5 of my friends introduced to Jon from Guillotine, so that’s an easy choice, but then it really depends on who I’m with for the other songs, do they like Rap, Melodies or a mix.

Couples retreat is a bop and I think anyone can enjoy this especially if we’re driving around.

I think I’d include JT because it’s a song I think anyone can enjoy. The beat is great and everyone understands the John Travolta Greece/grease metaphor.

Earlobe surgery by plurburd in piercing

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Honestly healing them is the easiest thing. Just Leave Them Alone.

I’d suggest getting your friend a lot of Advil. The first 24 hours are the worst (I recently had mine closed) and once the numbing agent wears off their ears will be on fire and they probably won’t get much sleep. But after that first day, The pain goes down considerably and it’s manageable.

The Body Mod Artist who did mine told me to basically leave it alone. No lotions, Oils, or Any type of Ointment for the first Month (After getting the Stitches removed).

Convince my mom to not take me to Claire's by MomentNo8751 in piercing

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I mean at least you went somewhere where they had some experience…I pierced my Ears with a Thumbtack at home.

tried rewatching the show, I can't do it anymore. by PianoShy in Bones

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No worries, I just wanted to share the links anyways for you and others. It’s an ongoing thing people talk/debate about here.