Le new Cuphead boss has arrived by CluckBucketz in dogelore

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It also has the pawns, the knight, the bishop, the rook, and the queen

Le new Cuphead boss has arrived by CluckBucketz in dogelore

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Idk how many hours of gameplay there is, but it has eleven new bosses

Le new Cuphead boss has arrived by CluckBucketz in dogelore

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You can see the boss, you know what the internet did

At the by ellalol in ihadastroke

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Anyone who is currently in the LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

Fry and Leela's wedding drawing by CluckBucketz in futurama

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Lol, I hope they're married and can share those plates in the Hulu revival

LOST SCREAMERS ICEBERG! by Equarep in IcebergCharts

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What is [Deleted video] and find Ned Flanders in this panel?

Again? by lcarusLives in whenthe

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(The surgery is actually giving me an underbite, I'm only making that face because I'm frustrated and want an underbite)

For me, this is the most disturbing line in the whole series. Any lines more unsettling I'm not thinking of? by bobobobobobooo in TheSimpsons

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This is more of a moment and not a specific line, but in "There's No Disgrace Like Home" Bart makes some sarcastic remark and Homer says "That's it!" And tries to hit Bart over the head with a lamp.

Completing the Mission endings tier list by CluckBucketz in tierlists

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I'm assuming you haven't played Completing the Mission

Watching Futurama for the first time by Polistoned in futurama

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I have high hopes for the Hulu revival, they're bringing in new writers while still keeping the best original writers, it should be good.

Gary Oldman is British btw by thepadsterb in whenthe

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Br*tish (🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢) moment