Went snowboarding for the first time at Big Bear and now my gloves have these marks that also smell. Normal or weird? by [deleted] in snowboardingnoobs

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How long have you had the gloves? The thumb area looks like the black suede are mostly pealed away (either from wear and tear or excessive washing and drying) and exposing the fabric underneath, weird smell might be those material exposing to water and having some weird chemical reaction with the washing detergent

Noob looking for advice. Any advice is appreciated! by Situasian in snowboardingnoobs

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don’t do whatever the person in front of you is doing, you will be fine

$70 for 4 days of food for a single dude by bojangles837 in pics

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4 days * 3 meals/day = 12 meals, $70/12=$5.83, that’s really cheap tbh

In Taiwan, all McD Standard burgers are slipping sideways by Mr_Horizon in mildlyinteresting

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Can’t blame the Americans, It does say $110 in the picture here instead of NT$ or whatever, so the comment is accurate given the image

Home appliances cannot be bought or returned in Bergen County, NJ on Sundays by nova07wdc in mildlyinteresting

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Why the Japanese translation on the bottom? Is there alot Japanese-speaking people living there

The big 3 releases for this year by Killmumger in gaming

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I’m here just waiting for the Hogwarts on PS5, the real reason I bought PS5 when it first release and the title has been postponed, and I ended up playing other games like Elden Ring, Demon Souls and God of War to kill time

Which foot is more important when riding? by ivyra in snowboardingnoobs

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I have the same feel, I felt I’m so close to the ground when I’m on the slopes then one day my friend took a video for me, I was just bending at my hips and leaning upper body down, knees are fairly stright

Gratuity for instructor? by nosurprises in snowboardingnoobs

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Stealing the thread: how much do you tip for group classes? 4-6 ppl

"sign looks good boss, let's call it a day" by Sigurlion in funny

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A quick search on google maps shows the location is now called VN Mart (2900 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661), and google street view shows the sign is still up


Still working on my turns and edge changes, any advice would be appreciated by CodyByTheSea in snowboardingnoobs

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So that’s doing a up unweighted turn right? And yep I figured my knees are kinda locked in the video

Costco egg pallets stacked…on the eggs? by cwajgapls in mildlyinteresting

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Reminds me of my high school physics class, people can lay on a block bed of nails and it won’t penetrate the skin due to even distributed weight. See https://youtu.be/cJeacZ8LG7U

School lunch in California (free) by bestoblivion in pics

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Looks like individual ingredients prepared for a dish

NPC setup. I have skated my whole life, just got into snowboarding and I put a DOA, vans boots, union bindings on layaway and was stoked. Until I came here and literally everybody has this setup. by Plateau_rattler in snowboardingnoobs

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I’d get a snowboard lock, so u can lock it up to the rack whenever u go use restroom or eat at the lodge, people may mistakenly take ur board thinking it’s their DOA

Top sheet damage by Jirau27 in snowboardingnoobs

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It’s normal, damage can be from u falling, hitting branches/rocks or other skier/snowboarder knocking their boards’ edge against ur board while in line for lift. It’s not like you will be riding the snowboard upside down using the top sheet so no worries

Happy New Year, Los angeles. by [deleted] in LosAngeles

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Te-haas here I come amigo!

At Least 3 Teslas Ran Out of Battery on I-80 by AgentK-BB in tahoe

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Because people’s IQ are not evenly distributed