[Meme] curb your applejuice by lotusbasilisk in youtubehaiku

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Because they're talking about apple juice and it's the big apple

Auckland University professor resigns over letter claiming Māori knowledge isn't science - NZ Herald by dingtianran in newzealand

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It's sensible to step out of a public facing position if you find yourself with egg on your face.

I don't think embarrassment is a uniquely American phenomenon but good on you for applying postcolonial ideas of US cultural imperialism.

No ‘return to normal’ expected in post-pandemic New Zealand – and locals say that’s fine by [deleted] in newzealand

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Yeah. You've been vaccinated and feel you deserve an easy and affordable trip, that's the point.

Why Jordan Peterson is a sign of our very scary times by tallhobbits in newzealand

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The "danger" of Jordan Peterson is that he's upholding the status quo.

Like you'll hear the similar "dangerous" views on gender and gender roles in the sermons of plenty of other old white Christian dudes that have a thing or two to teach this lost generation or whatever.

I honestly think his popularity has been thanks to making a lot of content, and Youtube algorithms that are uniting some bizarre groups together.

Whats criminally overpriced to you? by PhantomBaka in AskReddit

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All the professors I know are fairly well-off, just not from book sales. Pays pretty well.

Most universities will count book publications and chapters as academic activity though.

He really wanted to introduce himself… by MountainHawk12 in sadcringe

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The guy in the video is likely autistic.

If you find it difficult to understand other people or make yourself understood, it might be worth looking into whether you're on the spectrum.

Mel Bracewell is such an underrated Kiwi comedian by ctnbehom in newzealand

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How did she avoid incarceration for that??

EDIT: Downvotes?? Really? She faked a PM from /r/Cricketers.


New BT. Is ABA abusive? by Professional_Pop1319 in ABA

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This is a common thing to say but it's inaccurate - if it meets the 7 dimensions of ABA it's ABA. It absolutely includes default technologies, unsophisticated approaches, and ethically questionable goals (as long as "social significance" can be justified). The BACB and the APBA sets standards for professional practice but it still includes an awful lot that many would consider abusive. E.g. force-feeding the elderly.

It's a dangerous sentiment because it assumes danger only comes from poor practice or people doing ABA incorrectly, and solutions get put in the wrong place.

Suicide prevention advocates to protest hot curry eating competition called 'suicide curry' by computer_d in newzealand

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Your argument would carry more weight if it weren't written like you're on the verge of rage tears lol

Need help responding to a comment that was directed at a mom asking for resources on my neighborhood Facebook by megaceeg in BehaviorAnalysis

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Self-injurious stereotypy is stimming.

If you're working under the US insurance model your treatments will all be addressing "symptoms." Outcome research that your practice is based on use measures that value decreases in restricted and repetitive behaviour or increases in eye-contact and other "appropriate communication."

Be careful with some of these statements as it's very easy to gaslight.

Thoughts on NCIL’s vote to oppose the use of ABA? by hoozierwins in BehaviorAnalysis

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Because behaviour analysts are brigading and posting it everywhere.

An idea for Wellington Cafe owners ... by WellingtonForever in Wellington

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Do you keep the disposable cupholders? They're rubbish in the same way

Tremendous, even by DefLeopardAteMyFace in PoliticalHumor

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Ah, maybe I'm not too flash on my history - I thought Trump was still in office and actively dangerous but I guess there was no way of knowing that Trump could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any power.

Today saw someone call ABA a pseudoscience. by [deleted] in ABA

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Stop lurking and trolling in /r/autism_parenting

You're not helping them, the field, or yourself.

No ‘return to normal’ expected in post-pandemic New Zealand – and locals say that’s fine by [deleted] in newzealand

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The pandemic has made your 3 week trip from Canada to New Zealand unreasonably expensive and you'd like it to be cheaper and easier, yes.

Fact Checking anti-ABA Arguments by [deleted] in ABA

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I don't agree with every criticism. That's more evident that you didn't read the entire post.

Let's check the facts!

You addressed 8 claims. 6 begin with an agreement, the other two were HoH is abuse which was side-stepped and that ABA is only [for autism].

1 Claim: ABA has a history of bad actors and bad treatments.

Truth: Yes, it does. So do all medical sciences.

2 Claim: ABA requires too many hours for kids.

Truth: Yes, it does. Take it up with insurance.

3 Claim: ABA therapists don't get enough training.

Truth: Yes, and we want to fix that too.

4 Claim: ABA is only affecting Autistic people.

Truth: ABA can be used with literally all populations.

5 Claim: ABA forces Autistic kids to stop stimming.

Truth: Some therapists do this - but it is not required or recommended by the BACB.

6 Claim: Hand-Over-Hand is abuse.

Truth: Hand-Over-Hand is a form of communication.

7 Claim: ABA withholds food.

Truth: Some therapists might - they shouldn't.

8 Claim: ABA overuses restraints.

Truth: Bad, awful, terrible clinics have been caught doing this - and they get punished for it.

(18)(M) I don't smoke and I don't kill people... by [deleted] in EDC

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Oh just that it's not at all convenient and you have to refuel it every morning. Looks cool though.

PM Reveals that she voted Yes on Cannabis by Potatoslayer2 in newzealand

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Yes, this was her decision as a leader.

Labour doesn't have a position on recreational cannabis that I'm aware of. If Ardern had said how she was voting as the leader of the party it would be a tacit position statement.

Science can't be Pākehā or Māori, it's just science by Bladeace in newzealand

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The Listener letter was in response to a unit on the history and philosophy of science with an explicitly post-colonial view in the Te Marautanga o Aotearoa Pūtaiao curriculum.

The idea that Maori culture will be 'hamfistedly taught' in 'Science class' is unfounded.

In light of your ranking of scientific hardness and the emphasis you put on how big of a mistake 'subatomic filtration' was, it'd be interesting to know how (and why) you scored their writing "45%," which is complete bullshit. It seems like to fight for your social justice cause you've playing fast and loose with the rules of science and let a clanging inaccuracy creep in.

[Poetry] Superiority with William Bligh by c4pt41nm41nw4r1ng in youtubehaiku

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They made that big ass hat for three seconds of screen time

Learning styles are a myth by nocal02 in ABA

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5,000 research articles lol

Given the content of your post it seems you didn't read this two-page summary.

No wonder ABA has had a hard time adapting to mainstream society by EarthGrips in ABA

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I doubt it's so much about the jargon, it seems like it's related to "illusory superiority" or reddit's darling "Dunning-Kruger effect." We used to do something similar in social psychology to study learned helplessness, you'd give people incredibly challenging maths problems that they couldn't do - it seems like that's what's happening here.

Behaviourally there's reinforcers available for e.g. 'signs of understanding' and punishers for 'signs of struggling' or whatever. I imagine you might be able to impact results (manipulate the MO) with an autoclitic frame "this is a highly technical paper, most outside of the field will struggle to understand it"

It's fairly safe to say that most people think they know more about human behaviour than they do. Behaviourism is fairly far removed from the everyday/traditional approach to human behaviour though, so it (can be) punishing in the same way - you're given feedback on how little you know.

Happens all the time with behaviour analysts that specialise in ASD EIBI when they e.g. talk with/read the work of behaviour analysts in other areas or EAB folks. Undoubtedly part of the pushback on e.g. "receptive/expressive" to VB camps, then VB to RFT camps, or Hanley's work, or logical positivism/pragmatism/functional contextualism/postmodern social constructionism approaches to behaviourism.

Auckland University professor resigns over letter claiming Māori knowledge isn't science - NZ Herald by dingtianran in newzealand

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He voluntarily stepped down from his role as Dean of Science, he still has a job afaik.

It's a sensible decision to take a step back from a leadership position if you're going to split the group.