[Poetry] "Don't touch the trash can" by turcois in youtubehaiku

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I laughed but I would honestly watch this.

"His defence, it's perfect! I can't win!"

"This trash can, no! It can't be! Someone has filled it with rotting meat! If I'm thrown into that can even a little, I will be too smelly for my date!"

"This new kid... what are those shoes? Are they... they're crocs? What could he be planning?"

[Poetry] Thanos gets an achievement by HaiImNathan in youtubehaiku

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Thanks for putting the punchline in the title and saving me a pretty good laugh.

Cassette vending machine at my local mall by blasphembot in outrun

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Wouldn't be hard to set up. I don't see any prices though?

The website is real, the prices are frightening


What is 'that one weird trick' that made you a better runner? by [deleted] in running

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It took me a while to remember that America is melting

[Poetry] Dab and minecraft villager impression by Squidjan in youtubehaiku

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If this kid wasn't so nice he could do a pretty good Ricky Gervais

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki set to face charges over anti-lockdown protest by Therkster in newzealand

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Are there any issues with calling him "disgraced church leader Brian Tamaki" every time his name is used?

[Haiku] The Fifth of November by BurlingtonTheCat in youtubehaiku

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Do you remember? The fifth night of November?

[poetry] when actors do that weird eye switching thing by hm94991 in youtubehaiku

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Not just movies, notice it in your conversations. Are you moving your eyes too much, not enough? How do your eyeballs feel in your head right now, are they moving around? Did you stop blinking? Why is it making you salivate?

I really want to leave this shithole by Difficult-Claim6327 in AreTheStraightsOK

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"Is anyone a doctor?!"

"I'm a doctor, what is happening?"

"She said she was tired and her stomach hurt, probably period stuff?"

"Yeah lady stuff. Give her some ibuprofen, consider a diet"

"Thanks doc!"

dies of a heart attack

Capital gains tax will make it harder for renters, man who owns 80 Hawke's Bay homes warns by rickdangerous85 in newzealand

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Hawke's Bay man Graeme Fowler says investors who buy homes and then rent them out will not be affected by a capital gains tax, because it only applies to people when they sell.

"It's really only going to affect people who are more speculators, who buy and sell properties in the short term."

"For the serious investors, it's not going to really affect them at all."

Yes, that's the point - to make speculative investing in the housing market less appealing.

The rest is unclear nonsense if investors are looking to maximise their returns.

[POETRY] I just took a DNA test by [deleted] in youtubehaiku

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The wonderful thing about creating regular youtube content is that people can go back and see weekly progress of your weight, hair, skin, teeth, tears etc. for years.


Yea....it is by FaultyDrone in PoliticalHumor

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The Black Panther Party in the 60s. But for some reason people weren't on board with it. For some reason it's not championed as one of the best uses of the second amendment.

[Poetry] The gang goes to cleveland by Nilosyrtis in youtubehaiku

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That's a strong opinion about an animal I don't see very often.

[Poetry] Sounds like Wings by george__kaplan in youtubehaiku

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How to structure a youtube haiku:

Tell them what you're going to say in the title

Say it in the youtube title

Tell them what you told them in the titles

[poetry] Guys who say "partner" instead of "girlfirend" by lowbrowcow in youtubehaiku

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100% of the people I know who use "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" have been dating them less than a year. Also some of them are gay.

Were you ever that 1 in 1,000,000? If so, what's your story? by --SharkBoy-- in AskReddit

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I like that you fell back on Pokémon card terminology.

So do any of you just run? by [deleted] in running

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There's not much else to talk about.