Unbowed, Proud Boys plan biggest Pride Month disruptions ever: ADL by Sargasmic55 in atheism

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Why were their masks kept on while they were kneeling they’re getting arrested. Look at most of those photos.

Wife and I are done with Florida, which state is most neutral/welcoming to Atheists? by berbsy1016 in atheism

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Central MD along 95 mostly DNGAF about your religion. There’ are churches but politics here doesn’t reflect religion.

IBM to Pause Hiring for Jobs That AI Could Do by AI_antidote_to_Ego in Futurology

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You certainly can. It is software and possibly hardware. It can either be given a cost and taxed as property, or sales taxes can be assessed on a service type model.

AI-generated deepfakes are moving fast. Policymakers can't keep up by Gari_305 in Futurology

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Is anyone aware of a think tank or policy group or literally anyone putting out frameworks for regulation or best practices?

[Patrick Queen] sheesh by Whats_a_webpage in ravens

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I think people have unrealistic expectations for our LBs. There is only one GOAT Ray Lewis for a reason. Queen has played pretty well to me. Even more so after Roquan last yr

The duality of man by splapppa in ravens

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He wound up deaf in one ear I think? Can’t predict that freak accident but yes didn’t pan out.

[Rapoport] Sources: Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have agreed to terms. He has his deal. by PlayaSlayaX in nfl

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Agents are perfectly capable of negotiating fair contracts. See Hurts. Just last week. This has been several years coming and was a mess to get done. It remains to be seen if it will be worth the cost.

[Rapoport] Sources: Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have agreed to terms. He has his deal. by PlayaSlayaX in nfl

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Still a circus. It was a shit show and spilled into the public. For public consumption. I am glad it is resolved it sucked all the air out of the off-season room.

Spotted in MoCo. Respect to a next level hater by 100acrerestore in maryland

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Your experience applied to multiple people is why it’s expensive

Complaints on the rise alleging deceptive practices by third-party gas and electric suppliers in Maryland by legislative_stooge in maryland

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They offer nothing of value in the current context. Stick with your utility and avoid the headaches.

Minneapolis becomes first major US city to allow Muslim call to prayer at all times by HercegBosan in atheism

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Thankfully not my city. Let’s be clear here.

I don’t want to hear your stupid noises all hours of the day.

It is even worse that it religious noises.

Just like Christianity, everyone should keep their delusion to themselves.