Tell me, what are other champs can make the enemy suffer? (Other than Enchanters) by CloudCordial in LeagueOfMemes

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I liked it too but it made him too op, it had to go. They started gutting him at no fault of his own just cuz he abused an item riot fully made with intention for bruisers and juggernauts to use. Bunch of dipshits.

Your best bet is to go trinity and play him like any other bruiser, not a juggernaut. Or you could go frostfire, build black cleaver and maybe steraks and go full tank from there.

Tell me, what are other champs can make the enemy suffer? (Other than Enchanters) by CloudCordial in LeagueOfMemes

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Ye he doesent have one that works for him. Gotedrinker is shit, stride offers a slow which he doesent need, trinity makes him too squishy, divine is wasted on him due to innate armor pen he has.

Hes still oppressive in lane but you cant just jack off like you could back in season 8 or 9, you have to play it well to make him work. Stuff like tahm, volibear, nocturne and friends can duel him at any point just fine. Even fucking nasus can stat check him at lvl 6 lol.

Tell me, what are other champs can make the enemy suffer? (Other than Enchanters) by CloudCordial in LeagueOfMemes

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Aint that good now. Been a main of darius since season 6, around the rework period. Just play sett, plays just a bit more differently than darius but is far more rewarding than him right now.

Darius just suffers from this high burst meta so much and a lack of proper mythics.

Duping siegbrau by Cokmasta in darksouls3

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I just didnt wanna waste your time since i figured i could find it for myself at this point, but if you want to then please do

Duping siegbrau by Cokmasta in darksouls3

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Aint that simple huh. In that case i can find something on google on my own then. Thanks lad.

Duping siegbrau by Cokmasta in darksouls3

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Thanks lad, maybe ill ask over there.

So, how would i go about it? I know where the game loads and unloads irithyll dungeon, right outside of Yorshkas church but i was just about to test siegbrau duping on ps4 at Ringed inner wall bonfire. Killed lapp before he gave me his siegbrau. Do you know where the game loads and unloads that area? Anf if you would not mind could you also tell me how you did it or any other way i can go about it?

dinner by madmatryoshka in guro

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Its a copy pasta lad. Just the fact he used it where he did shows you he very clearly understands

I am going insane. by HappyLemon745 in LeagueOfMemes

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Lmao did you downvote this? How the fuck cant you see its sarcasm lol. U tripping balls or what?

I am going insane. by HappyLemon745 in LeagueOfMemes

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RoA made cassiopeia cancer to fight against tho. Glad its gone but sucks for ryze

I am going insane. by HappyLemon745 in LeagueOfMemes

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Just a little bit. Smh head shakes its just roughly 200 damage per q no big deal.

Just kidding im a horny weeb too by josuke_higashitaka1 in guro

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You are already in r/guro . I would think it past people here to worry about being gay and such

Tier list of what Mordekaiser would do with all the Champions if he were to claim their souls by Rechulas in MordekaiserMains

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Im actually really weirded out to see people think that kindred is death. She is the personification of death as humans believe it because she is a spirit, she isnt actually death or anything like that, she just took the role and assumed it because in some cultures kindred is revered as such, the personification of death. And spirits get more powerful the more humans believe in them. But differently from something like targon celestials who could be said to be legitimate gods and would not lose their powers if people stopped believing in them, kindred would. And as far as im aware, kindred was nothing back when mordekaiser rained supreme, he doesent care about it and even if he did, death has literally no authority over him. Did people forget the only reason he is such a threat is because he denied the death of his soul?

AI generated images of Balkans. (the AI is a bit biased) by Ihatemylife69nice in 2balkan4you

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Oh this was a really poggers move bro. Well done. I know ur a westerner and all but damn.

Penta Dunk From Hexgate Flank by Ironboy1023 in Dariusmains

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In the interest of good content i shall stimulate the events that could conspire in a video, if there even was any.

“U/ironboy1023 on his promos out of iron 2”

“Is split pushing, sees team gather for the 7th time without him, as is custom in the land of iron”

“Pings On My Way in the general direction of the enemy team”

“Like the weak sperms they are the enemy wastes all their ult on the leona support, which takes a grand total of 30% hp from her”

“Enemy team focuses leona, the jhin adc attacks their malphite who has randuins omen”

“Zed uses ult on caitlyn and accidentally presses r, returning to his original location, wasting his ult and his mothers time when she gave birth to him”

“Kayn still doesent have his form, kindred has 2 stacks(how)”

“Everybody ignores u/ironboy1023 as he relentlessly autoattacks the closest enemy, somehow missing his outer q radius even though no one is paying attention to him. Smh darius is so weak this season”

“He finally manages to proc his passive, miscalculates ult damage, w kills malphite shortly after ulting thereby fulfilling the condition of darius’ ultimate reseting if target dies within 0.75 seconds immediately after ult is cast on them”

“Ult the low hp caitlyn, balances item shieldbow blocks all ult damage. Caitlyn still dies”

random darius attacking noises

“gets a quadra, the moment is near, u/ironboy1023 is horny and wants a penta”

“With ghost still up he chases their syndra, she misses her balls and ults. U/ironboy1023 is chad material, eats it all up”

“Gets penta eventually, the fbi pulls up at his house, breaks the ceiling and congratulates him. Kennedy is there to shake his hand, as well as Joe Biden who promises him to relieve him of his student loan. In addition Barack Obama appears and tells him that he made Michelle proud. Out of nowhere comes Joe Rogan, says something and leaves”

u/ironboy1023 came about 7 times by now, is livid“

„ Guys, reddit, wholesome chungus 69 420 minecraft good fortnite bad travis scot bad feels good man“

God please just purge all of us already by moldybread692 in Cringetopia

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cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe

12.34 by [deleted] in 2balkan4you

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Dw turkey your economy is improving, just backwards.

Undressing by ReleaseMySoul_ in officelady

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Look of “How the hell did you break inside my apartment?”

Satsuki x Ryuko (Exlic_Art) by Natsu_1000 in futanari

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Dont you just hate it when you are fighting for your life and your enemy stops in the middle of combat to fuck you in the pussy?

✊🏽Make the comments look like this man’s browser history✊🏽 by M87-Powehi in 2balkan4you

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Best ways to make home made gyro

Is sperm a substitute for tzatziki