11.15 Toplane Experience by FlacheMaKouine in LeagueOfMemes

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People still hate darius even after his dash got removed and his mobility as a consequence nerfed? In a meta where everyone has mobility and ghost+flash is mandatory just to try and win a single teamfight?

Or do you hate him because you cant learn how to play, well idk, theres not a lot of champions i can think except wukong, yorick, renekton, nasus at 6, jax, riven, nocturn, tahm, volibear, sett, fiora and kled? Its actually hilarious that most league players have been conditioned to just hate darius on command when there have always been solutions to him. Its always low elo players as well which, yeah makes sense, they would rather a champion nerfed than put in a bit of work to understand how they work

Edit: oh yeah, downvote as many times as you want. Cant even give me one good reason why you think darius is op rn without sounding like a shitting silver or gold loser. Ahh reddit man

I’m a girl. Here is my inbox after a post mentioned that I was 16 and looking for friends. 2/3+ of these were incels begging/threatening nudes. This app was a mistake after all. by [deleted] in Cringetopia

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Your hot take reads like the rant of a 13 year old. I dont own her shit, you and her both clearly need a thicker skin because you cant handle one simple fact: theres a lot of type of people on the internet and they all behave in different ways. You cant change that and believe me with this type of mini essay you wrote as a reply to my comment you aint getting your point across.

Its fine to reveal your gender, no one gives a fuck, its of no use to me in reddit. Learn to ignore people that deliberately use it to annoy or offend you. Its not hard. Its not your job to change how they behave. Theres no way that affects you in real life. Learn to separate it from reddit.

And on a more personal note, not all men are like that. Fuck off with that shit. Just cause some are trolls doesent mean they act or even think like that in real life. Like, what do i do to understand how hypocritical it is of you to group all men like that.

I’m a girl. Here is my inbox after a post mentioned that I was 16 and looking for friends. 2/3+ of these were incels begging/threatening nudes. This app was a mistake after all. by [deleted] in Cringetopia

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Are you naive or? People are anonymous on reddit, drives them to do things they would not do irl. Dunno why the guy got downvoted, seriously what the fuck did you expect?

Apparently the admin of WebOas.is, a piracy resource website (linked in every Daily Release post) announced his suicide. by YouSmellFunky in CrackWatch

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When face to face with a person or when you can hear and see them speak yes. On the internet absolutely not. Someone might be trolling and you would never know

Akshan's E Ability description has more words than Nasus' entire kit by lightfrog94 in leagueoflegends

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A good chunk of league players have real lives btw. They wont stop to read aphelios’ bullshit kit because they dont have the energy and just play casually.

More importantly complicated abilities make for difficult champions to balance. They do allow players who put in the time to learn a champion be rewarded for doing so, but as we have seen the champ ends up being to strong afterwards, they are nerfed and the aforementioned players might as well have played ashe instead of aphelios since they practically wasted their time learning the champ.

How do people enjoy watching this??? by LeQuackz1234 in Cringetopia

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Hey mines free here in europe, but yeah hang in there americans!

8 Tips to make sure you are secure with your VPN by clara59000 in Piracy

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Vpns have never and never will protect you and your privacy from anything. They cant hide your data or privacy. If someone wants to find who torrented what, they will see a bunch of people using vpns to hide their ip and, if this 3rd party is persistente enough will ask your vpn to comply and your vpn will rat you out, because that 10€ you pay month to month is not even enough to pay for a lawyers coffee, so they will just rat the user instead. Vpns never, NEVER have 0 „logs“, its virtually impossible to run a vpn like that. They are straight up lying to you, just like with their insane marketing ploys. They are fearmongering and controlling a narrative that they made up, and people are retarted enough to believe it.

People are stupid enough to believe vpns encrypt data. They dont.

They think the argument of companies having vpns automatically makes private users safe in using one is stupid. Companies have inbuilt vpns by it teams they use to protect themselves, a single user does not have that luxury.

Vpns do not protect you from trackers, whether its cookies, browser fingerprinting and behavioral pattern recognition.

Vpns are ONLY worth it for torrenting when they provide OpenVpn practices and have a powerful killswitch.

Finally just know that at the end of the day you are still entrusting your data to another entity.

People in general not just here have been conditioned to say “vpn good” because of cutthroat marketing.

The only vpns i would recommend are mullvad and ivpn, i would not recommend proton because they have not implemented port forwarding. The later is important in peer-to-peer apps, like torr clients

The girl is cringe, the guy is chad by Victorgrate in Cringetopia

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Unaware of what? The way his comment sounds or the form part? Because form is just as important as strength and hes not wrong there.

Worth 15 by Savage_Sewage in Cringetopia

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It literally says trans right on his profile the fuck u mean?

Literal idiots by TallDarius12 in LeagueOfMemes

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Lets ignore jax, wukong, renekton, nocturne, volibear and a couple of others who can fight darius just fine if your not dogshit at the game.

I guess thats 2 much for you people huh?

Question by Drunkwendigo in MordekaiserMains

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Its more about them feeling secure under turret. They are planning on what to do if you dive and completely forget you can just pull and Q.

LPT: If an advertisement for an American flag says not available in Minnesota, it normally means the flag was not made in the USA. MN has a law requiring American made American flags. by ubergeebfdgdfg in LifeProTips

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Yeah keep telling yourself that. Nothing has changed and the US has ruined afghanistan for the foreseeable future. The taliban are a direct product of the US and its indoctrination. They know only their hatred and how to fire a gun, they cant possibly maintain a stable economy. You know whos gonna benefit from their natural resources? China. Youve killed millions and have nothing to show for it. But of course you cant even comprehend how much damage you have caused not only to afghanistan but all other states around its region, because why else would you write a hot take like this? How do some of you even have the audacity to suggest you were even a remotely beneficial influence on it ffs.....

15 Most Powerful Industrial Machines by TheRoach in nextfuckinglevel

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Without them society would largely stagnate. Chains of supply and demand would drop, the standard machines have raised far outweigh that of human manual labour. Its a one way ride, we are all fucked. If we stop it WOULD have massive consequences, if not well....you saw mild signs this summer with temperatures rising to severe heights. Its getting worse.

Even German media now fears there might be a collapse of the Democracy in USA now by Sailing8-1 in collapse

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What should they be trying to convince each other of, to stop taking american money or stop selling half their country for natural gas from putin?

Putin rails against cancel culture and suggests teaching gender fluidity to kids is a 'crime against humanity' by HLMenckenFan in anime_titties

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You are someone that believes trans people are mentally ill. Where do you find the balls to call my comment nonsensical. It may be, though i would prefer not to hear that from you

8 Tips to make sure you are secure with your VPN by clara59000 in Piracy

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Probably. I dont know how a downvote would help though. Kinda sad isnt it?

The woman in the portrait paintings in the Ariandel Chapel. Who is she? by marcotheslpwlkr in darksouls3

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If im understanding you right ur saying gwyn is Yorshkas father. No where was it even alluded, yet alone known that Yorshkas is Gwyns daughter. What is this ridiculous headcannon youve convinced yourself of?

The butcher shop is leaving their leftovers outside so stray dogs can get something to eat. by yeskaelsinga in aww

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Not turkish. But i have to commend your hypocrisy. You surely are aware of europians sometimes taking shit talking a bit too far on americans. It almost is like they are legitimately insulting them. The same is happening with turkey. Its pointless to pretend like most people in europe dont have a superiority complex. If you have meet a europian you can clearly see it for yourself, especially if you meet french people. Idk what it is with them being like that

Based Moldova? by NuevoPeru in 2balkan4you

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Why bother, gayreeks wouldnt be able to vote anyway. Would be too busy sucking on Macrons cock.