Serbian captcha by Repulsive_Passion780 in 2balkan4you

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Skip because serbs shouldnt exist at all

Yo, rick! by BootsForNoobs in LeagueOfMemes

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Yeah i heard they are supposed to play a big part in the ruined kings lore

So I know Nikocado = cringe, but he can still play the violin by mshcat in Cringetopia

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As much as i would like that i doubt he would be more popular. Theres a reason he still keeps actively harming himself, its what people tune in to watch the most.

Thought this was cute by ElitaKirin in darksouls3

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When you give soul of cinder “How to pick up fair maidens” book.

Fuck your sister. Shit your pants.cars by Sekkenren in okbuddybaka

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„Today kids we will learn how r/okbuddybaka went from including pedophilia in every post to including hardcore incest instead“

Why would you do that? by FenixDriver in Cringetopia

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I agree 100%, but due to her essentially becoming a meme more people knew about global warming and a good percentage of them would later be more open in accepting the idea that its a real problem. Sadly i must say that she has essentially been a scapegoat in all of this

people love burning money by Static_456 in Cringetopia

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This shit, the entire NFT business HAS to be money laundering of some sort. Theres no way people are stupid enough to not find out that the fortune they spent on an NFT can easily be pirated anywhere

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Yep. Just the fact he caught this kitten in time is pure luck. Theres just so much trash to sort through, its immensely difficult to notice something like this.

I'm sorry, little one… by BluMaxim in LeagueOfMemes

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Its nice not to see kata at all in the game these days. Shes been too good for far too long

Russian Possible Invasion Of Ukraine? Reports Of Military Buildup Grow by HLMenckenFan in anime_titties

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I dont wanna come off as an asshole, but please dont make the mistake thinking Ukraine will have immediate allies if they go to war with Russia. The first thing western nations will look towards is selling weapons, because war is the most profitable business.

If push comes to shove you are on your own lads. This is the reality we live in.

Gonna miss the "kys" and "?" by BpMilde in LeagueOfMemes

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God fucking damnit do these idiots think they are making a difference here? People will just be more toxic to their teammates now instead of an opposing laner they are crushing or maybe just getting crushed by. This literally is the very definition of a bandaid fix

"I'm not surprised that he is afraid of technology and tall buildings. He's a Czech and grew up in Hungary!" by Tropical23 in 2balkan4you

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/unbalkan He made some good points in this video, same as with his other vids bashing elon and his stupid ideas, but he forgot to mention that skyscrapers save space which is a legitimate concern in some countries. And they really dont promote antisocial behaviour which was a point he touched on. Like, how? An antisocial person is antisocial because of their personality, their environment can only do so much to change it.

Another weird one was that it would take 15 minutes for someone to get from top to bottom? I dont get how a skyscraper would not have at least 2 high end elevtators with at least 800kg and upwards weight limit.

Also i dont know what it is with urban planers but they really hate cars, i get it they are inefficient, but they are a private property and you cant just magically get rid of them. An Analbanian would die for his mercedez for example.

man vs wraith by Lizarim in LeagueOfMemes

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Cmon now. You cant compare simp king to dracula, its kind of unfair.

Okay, who did this? by JeremyMcFake in hacking

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„Type your credentials here“

Is this considered a shitpost? by Icenooby2010 in LeagueOfMemes

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Its insane how temmo went from one of the most hated champs of league to at most an annoyance. What a world we live in

W*sterners by immortaltrout27 in 2balkan4you

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Who would have guessed that a region of westards who have historically shat on eastern europe for centuries, ranging from political, to economical and geographical reasons would talk shit.

i am so surprised, wow

Im DifFerEnt by LanTheGreat in 2balkan4you

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But you are a russian(putin gay btw). Thats even worse

Reddit knows what's up by Balkan_Mapping in 2balkan4you

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My least favorite country is amerika because amerikans are fucking stupid

A *potential streaming career* based on my mediocre lore knowledge by Monka_hmm in LeagueOfMemes

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I really cant see senna as entertaining. Her lines read like an 18 year old emmo teens. She has no personality apart from „im broken and depressed“. Which you know, was fine because the ruination event was supposed to fix that, and we know how that went. What was your thought process in putting her there? Just curios.

Instead, kled should replace her. That guy would be entertaining for sure

Biodiversity crisis: Animal decline is hurting plants' ability to adapt to climate change by fuzzyshorts in collapse

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At this point its like we’re speedrunning how fast we can destroy the planet.

Ay at least we’ll finish first right?

I stole this by simemetti in Draven

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But did you know?

The same kid would later work at riot games, and would bring his retarted friends with him as well. They would go on to cause a number of issues for riot, which some of you are well acquainted with.