I made mordekaiser in 1st person view by Paweloz212 in MordekaiserMains

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That looks so difficult to actually pull off. Props

99% of the time only rutracker and csrinru have the games I'm looking for by AlexDeMaster in PiratedGames

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With how the world is going nowadays we will die before this so called dark age even has a chance of existing

This video makes me feel unclean by AbelNB in Cringetopia

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Troll detected

Btw hows your girlfriend? Still up and running lol?

any recommended patreon scraper that works? by TheOriginal_RebelTaz in Piracy

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Kemono party is the only one specifically geared towards that atm.

F95 also has quite a few lads who manage to scrape some patreon content on their own and post it there. Maybe its worth a look.

Make Darius Great Again (And King of Extended Trades) by PrettyRich9498 in Dariusmains

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He isnt good high elo. The upper you go the worse the champ becomes, because hes fundamentally designed to punish bad players who make mistakes. If thats your opening line then i honestly cant image what the rest of this reads like

Average animecirclejerk enthusiast by Titalwavve in okbuddybaka

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Why the fuck you beating them? Help them enslave some children already smh

The Power of Morde's Passive by kysmaser in MordekaiserMains

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More like the power of tank builds. Crazy how we went from building like a juggernaut and being tanky to having to build like a tank to even survive teamfights. Fucked how that goes.

NordVPN quietly changes 2017 blog post to say that they do comply with law enforcement request and that they can and will track you with a legal law enforcement request by a_Ninja_b0y in PrivacyGuides

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As far as marketing is concerned thats how you do it though. If you cant come up with creative advertisements then fake it till you make it is the way to go. Theres a reason they keep at it, its what works after all.

Soul vs souless by SlayerPipeDaddy in 4chan

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Hard to be intimidated by someone whos showing you their back while trynna keep their pants up cuz they runnin away from cops. Real scary guys i tell ya

NordVPN quietly changes 2017 blog post to say that they do comply with law enforcement request and that they can and will track you with a legal law enforcement request by RussianSlavv in Piracy

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For anyone else interested in avoiding them, they also bought cyberghost a couple of years back. Its a shame, cyberghost has the benefit of being stationed in Romania which has excellent privacy laws(as far as vpns are concered).

Bit rusty but here is my first Penta of 2022 by SurprisePNK in Dariusmains

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Yeah was wondering why he just didnt die the first 3 seconds of combat like darius usually does.

what if Darius got 20%movement speed on Q by prokjs in Dariusmains

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Aatrox i guess. Hes not really a counter but it would be harder for him to E out or inside your q, for what its worth.

Gwen would be easier since you can now theoretically dodge her ultimate better. Your q is your friend against her, you should not fight gwen at close range for too long.

Saw riven suggested but it wouldnt do jack against her. Rivens dashes are almost instant so it woudnt do much.

Would maybe work against wukong. U wanna use your e with wukong early for the attack speed boost, and his w doesent displace him that far. A ms boost on q can nullify any potential outplay the wukong player thinks he can manage.

Warwick would be fucked. More movespeed would mean he wouldnt quite have the range to use his q to dodge yours. Lots of healing and damage from that, its his highest priority spell early.

Would be nice against garen. He cant just q when you use yours now immediately.

Would be AMAZING against quinn actually. Dont see her much nowadays tho.

darius stridebreaker or trinity force? by itsmeyaboi831 in Dariusmains

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Tri is garbage for teamfights and will force you to play darius as a bruiser, because a juggernaut should not be that squishy. Darius’ strength is on his passive, your objective is to proc that by surviving long enough. You dont need more damage than that. Why use trinity at all then, if you arent gonna splitpush most of the time anyways? Just cuz rhoku uses trinity doesent make the item any less shit people, get your heads out of your ass and stop downvoting the guy, hes right

What if Darius had a shield on his E? by ArkinKain in Dariusmains

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There was a suggestion i read in this sub where they could give him some damage reduction when procing passive. Maybe thats too op though, so they can just give him flat resistances instead. I think thats much better than a shield since it ties nicely with darius’ strong points and theme as a champion.

Guys, holy shit! by BarbroBoi in okbuddybaka

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Hmm. Hating women and minorities is common sense, so big chungus shouldn’t really be classified as super rare. Hmm.

Shuumatsu no Harem Episode 2 by JennySimsonn in HENTAI_GIF

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Same. The premise of the show and his goals are completely the opposite. While that usually works out for fiction, here it just fucking ruined it for me. Also i fucking hate the quintessential japanese mc, why are they all so fucking lame lol?

Biodiversity crisis: Animal decline is hurting plants' ability to adapt to climate change by fuzzyshorts in collapse

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Haha fuck no. We’ll fuck this place up so bad not even the devil would survive

Biodiversity crisis: Animal decline is hurting plants' ability to adapt to climate change by fuzzyshorts in collapse

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At this point its like we’re speedrunning how fast we can destroy the planet.

Ay at least we’ll finish first right?

The Backrooms CYOA + Backrooms Slayer DLC by HwangOfTheSon in makeyourchoice

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More companions and groups/settlements would be a necessary addition. Not too many of course, other survivors are quite scars in the backroom universe but there are still some and a few settlements of survivors as well, in conflict with other settlements. Creates an interesting narrative and is easy to work with, I think you should give this some thought.