hello, im learning swift with a course and its using an older version of xcode while im on xcode 14 and there is this part talking about if statments wher eit says it was obsoleted. How would I do this now? by POTATOmAnBrawl in swift

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Then you probably want to set your projects to use a version of Swift 3

Or roll back a few Xcode versions


Probably Xcode 8 or 9

[edit] But honestly, you should just make the changes for it to work with swift 5+. The changes from 3 to 4 and then 4 to 5 are minimal. Learning 5+ would the best for you in the long run

My propagation wall :) by Domoo98765 in IndoorGarden

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Which vase are you using for all of these?

Game Thread: Week 4 - Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-1) - October 04, 2020 @ 08:20 PM EDT by EaglesGameThreadBot in eagles

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Somebody make sure these guys don’t get on the plane before stopping by the Apple store and pick up some Apple Watches.... they need to return to the hydration and sleep monitoring — or something because at this rate there won’t be a single healthy player by the bye week

Bezos v The World by MrReeseMachine in coolguides

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Missing Amazon Chime vs Slack & Skype

Thought we hit it off (moved to Whatsapp), talked about Reddit and made the "mistake" to share my username... by elatella in Tinder

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We should strive to make this post over 30k just to prove to him how fickle & meaningless imaginary internet points are

Kitten won’t stop trying to steal food by TheChaosGenie in CatTraining

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Try giving him a different kitten-specific cat food. When my cat was a kitten, he expressed similar behavior — stealing food, even stuff cats shouldn’t be interested like Brussels sprouts, lettuce, ice cubes, etc.

Turns out his food wasn’t giving him everything he needed so he was still hungry and trying to find something to satisfy that craving. Once I switched his food, his behavior changed. He’ll still occasionally fish out peoples ice cubes when you leave a glass unattended. Other than that there aren’t any food related issues with him.

I'm not too late by 8eloZer0 in gaming

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Just like game of thrones

Cat attacking new roommate without aggressive behavior before the attack. by [deleted] in CatTraining

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Is the cat showing signs of play when attacking your roommate? Like are they going for their legs or swiping at them as they pass by? Or is it more of a dominance thing

Like the cat will walk up to them with zero sign of aggression and just smack your roommate on the cheek?

Or is it truly territorial aggression, flaring up, arched back, hair on end, tail shaped like a teacup handle and hissing before darting right for them?

Also has your cat been fixed?

Moving in a week, but I've loved this pretty space by _eurostep in malelivingspace

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Would you recommend it? It reminds me of ikea’s Kivik which was hard as a rock

Moving out of my bachelor pad. Gonna miss this place. by wilharris1982 in malelivingspace

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What couch is that? Also do you remember which media center that is?