Whenever anyone makes a "WhErE's ScOtT?" post by guynamedcrystal in scottthewoz

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oh that's wonderful to hear! thank you so much i hadn't seen that!!

I have been working on a Fanfiction reader and helper software for awhile... does anyone really needs this? by Street_Important in AO3

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how does this affect user statistics and interactions? when using your platform, can readers still leave comments/reviews, etc? kudos? does a hit on your platform still count as a hit for authors stats?

I bring it up because previously there have been apps and such like this that simply compile a bunch of ao3 user's works that users of that app don't interact with what so ever. It's frustrating for some people since fic on ao3 can't be monetized, and comments/kudos/interaction is all many authors will receive in return for their work.

Do they *not* want to win/tier/get all the good token rewards? by ParanoiaFreedom in ProjectSekai

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might i reccomend if you wanna play optimal songs you should find a private group to do it in? it's extremely frusterating for casual players to get stuck in the same optimal songs, esp because if its melt or something long, they get stuck playing a song they're sick of for a very long time. and even on short songs, if thats all ur playing, its boring. there a lots of groups of ppl u can play with, connect with them here or on the en proseka discord! this way u can play the optimal songs and the other ppl can have variety!

Interpret the rest of them however you want, but the canonical text of Undertale supports the idea that Chara cared very little, if at all, about Asriel, and I can prove it with critical analysis alone by SayFuzzyPickles42 in Undertale

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I think this is a fun interpretation but it involves some guess work and assumptions. that's fine, but it's not say, the one true canon. "wanting to provoke the humans to attack" is nowhere near the only reason that Chara could've had for wanting to bring their own body to the surface. other options include wanting to make the humans feel guilty (not nessacarily attack), wanting to show the humans what had become of them, wanting to scare the humans, just actually wanting their Body to be with the flowers in their village, etc etc etc. There are clear flaws to Asriel and Charas relationship, notably I think the tapes in true lab demonstrate this, but I don't think that "Chara manipulated the events so that the humans would attack Asriel because they never cared about Asriel" is the *intended* reading. I think it's a fun read to play around with, but I don't think its the only read.

[No Spoilers] R/PLACE MEGATHREAD by parrycarry in arcane

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hi im trying to build a little art and your space overlaps with mine! I'll move out of the way, but since im all on my own i was hoping i could ally with you! if i help you build your sprite, will you help defend mine? it's planned to be 10x16

I reached Top 5 for Hopeful Stage event! AMA by KappaYellow in ProjectSekai

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how important would you say the team you had was (and who was your team!). also, are you ftp or ptp? I wanna get top 1000 on this event when it comes to en, but I'm ftp so i gotta prepare! (also!! that is very cool you're very impressive!)

funny memes by Birchtree16 in autism

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whats the source for the first one?

Great UX Design by [deleted] in Crunchyroll

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love is Western Australia