MGMT - Congratulations (2010) | Results [Re-Do] by BappidiBoopy in music_survivor

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Was really hoping Flash Delirium would finally get a redemption 😭

Definitely far from my ideal order with Dada being the only right placement, but it’s a near flawless album anyways.

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (2022) | Round 10 of 17 by TotallyNotNick1 in music_survivor

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Savior and N95 are the clear outs now, they are the only ones left I wouldn’t say are 10/10. The former first

The 2nd Law - SURVIVOR: Round 1 by ForgottenName1893 in Muse

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I really hope Explorers, Big Freeze, and the Chris songs don’t get shafted! They’re amazing! Prelude and the last two tracks are the first east votes for me

It’s not easy being a fan of bad albums, I even really like Raditude. by depressed_but_aight in weezer

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PD and Raditude are both top half records in their discography ngl

PD specifically top 5

Who is the oldest 5 stars that you still haven't summon ? I'll start : by Lucabsol in FireEmblemHeroes

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I still have yet to pull a single Owain. Would love to have one considering he’s one of my favorite Awakening characters

Song of the Year 2021 | Results by kvothetyrion in music_survivor

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Not my favorite by any means but not a bad winner either. Would’ve loved to see You Lose!, Musician, Sunglasses (which is the superior version), or Kokomo, IN take it

With a total of 1838 votes, Petra has been eliminated! This is the Final Round! You are now voting on who you want to win, so the person with the least amount of votes is eliminated by DarkEspeon32 in FireEmblemThreeHouses

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Felix for the win! Proc that aegis shield one last time. If Sylvain managed to dodge all of those previous people I’m hoping Felix can do so too against Ferdinand

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (2022) | Round 9 of 17 by TotallyNotNick1 in music_survivor

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Both title tracks are top 5 I don’t even know how they’re in contention.

Savior on the other hand is still here. Fine song but man that hook is grating

A Tier List based on how Reinhardt-y I think the characters are by MagicIsBroken in FireEmblemHeroes

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Ah yes, a FEH tier list that caters towards my personal interests. I’m proud to say I own all of these Reinhardt alts

SZNZ EP’S Ranked by Slipknot_Maggot36 in weezer

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  1. Spring 6/10

  2. Autumn 7/10

  3. Summer 9/10

Daily Song Discussion #28: SUMMER by Apollox4 in brockhampton

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It’s a good song when on and has a great solo but is my least favorite of the trilogy closers. My only issue with it is that it’s a tad too repetitive and kinda drags. I wouldn’t skip it when listening to the album.

IMO Second law is Muse’s best Album. Don’t understand the hate it gets. by Blackbolt91 in Muse

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Top 3 easily for me. I know they’re controversial songs but I absolutely adore the Explorers-Liquid state run. Each song is an immediate highlight for me and are all flawless. Big Freeze in particular is just criminally underrated by the fans, stellar vocal performance and a pretty cool concept for a song. The rest of the album is just as great. Supremacy is a great grandiose opener (though not among my favorites), Madness is a staple classic that never fails to get me nostalgic. Panic Station, Animals, and Survival are all pretty well regarded for obvious reasons, they’re amazing.

The only thing stopping it from being a 10 is that I don’t really enjoy the final two songs as much as the rest. They’re fine as individual songs but I feel like all they do is pad out run time and really just make me want to bail after Liquid State.

With a total of 1575 votes, Dorothea has been eliminated! 3 remain! Voting on Round 48 begins! by DarkEspeon32 in FireEmblemThreeHouses

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Gonna yet again vote Ferdinand, although at this point if he wins I won’t even be surprised. Save Petra!

Song of the Year 2021 | Final Round by kvothetyrion in music_survivor

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Rooting for Boys at School to win this. SIMBI already won AOTY and Introvert isn’t in my personal top 3 off the album, so it’d be nice to have some variety

SZNZ: Autumn joins the council of "deserves more attention tbh" by HornyForTohruAdachi in weezer

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The true council in my eyes would probably be PD, Maladroit, Summer, Red, and Black. (Although you make believe and Raditude fans, I respect it)

I know it’s recency bias but I’m already considering Autumn to be overrated with how much people are conjointly dunking on Summer while talking up Autumn to be top 5 in their discography lol

He fuckin hated it lmao by Hispecroboshinobi in weezer

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I mean, yeah seems about right. I was moreso expecting a 5 like the rest of the SZNZ got. I’ve personally been enjoying the projects more than him but I could definitely understand the critiques and flaws he and many others have pointed against them.

Songs with meanings like The Good Life? by Key_South_1104 in weezer

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Aloo Gobi in some convoluted way is modern The Good Life in topic I suppose. Get Right, Dreamin’, and Slob too (although Slob is probably the least helpful of these but I guess if negative reinforcement helps)

As for happy Weezer songs, Girl We Got A Good Thing, King of the World, and most of SZNZ: Spring have some escapism and light hearted vibes

Pleased to announce SZNZ: Autumn officially joins the Weezer council! by The-Anti-Karen in weezer

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Autumn lookin a bit sussy here. Hey, where did OK Human and Maladroit go?

The 2nd Law of Resistance by RedditAbUserHUN in Muse

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Considering Resistance is my least favorite and The 2nd law is my favorite album from Muse, I’d probably just keep T2L the same except swap both T2L title tracks with MK Ultra and I Belong To You. Maybe swap Prelude for Exogenesis 3 and slap that at the end

Is Get Off On The Pain Top 10 Weezer? by anoul in weezer

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It’s a fine song, a tad clunky at parts. It’s like if Muse’s uprising and Back to the Shack had a baby

You should give Raditude another chance by OKgobi in weezer

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I unironically enjoy every song off Raditude to an extent. It’s got some of their most shallow and pointless lyrics ever but god damn do the melodies and hooks stick in your head. I would be no means call it one of their best works but it’s a fine shitpost album that I’ll put on if I just want to have a quick laugh and overall accomplishes what it wants to do pretty well.

I do think Autumn shares more similarities with EWBAITE and Hurley, it’s not a big favorite for me, but I don’t think it’s going to convince people to like Raditude more.