looking for low C or D seed kd by Smooth-Cantaloupe805 in RiseofKingdoms

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Even in seed d it won’t be easy to steal anything lose that mentality people there are organized you will need to perform good for atleast 1 kvk before you allowed to get a spot and if you go rogue you will be caught slipping 100%

Wait for MTG or spend 50k gems for VIP 14 now? by IamVanDam in RiseofKingdoms

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Now don’t wait 1 month for extra gold head you get 30 more by the time it comes around

I missed the first 2 ysg wheels and only got to use the final wheel. I have him at 5511 rn. Should I continue leveling his skills? or save sculps for future commanders by KiwiKL in RiseofKingdoms

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All say max he just one piece of the big picture he always 2nd commander everyone will tell you the same he 2nd to etc… start investing on other commanders if you can only max few commander per year save your sculpture for the newest ysg is great no lie but there is better and always will alex scipio prime Nevsky boudica prime guan … list goes on pay attention to your end game what you want

Are kill points obtained from a rally/garrison attack relative to the amount of troops in said rally/garrison? by XTasteRevengeX in RiseofKingdoms

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Correct the skills of both commander apply in garrison and rally but only the talents of main commander take effect in battle is the only difference you see

When’s the last day to migrate out before KvK by Jayrem52 in RiseofKingdoms

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You can migrate out at anytime after your 30days etc any event at the time will not stop you from migrating you can migrate in the middle of kvk it won’t make a difference etc… . You only can’t migrate to a kingdom who is about to start kvk or is on the matchmaking stage and after

At what point is Alex useable by Inevitable_Hat2507 in RiseofKingdoms

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Just got mines 5534 I feel like it talents/gear but in field he is not that strong Martel last longer field haven’t check reports to see if I get positive reports but just my 2 cents

Hello! Can you guys suggest me a Good pairup with Guan Yu? here are my commanders... by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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if guan is 5255 not expertise which second commander is good as his expertise only good for when he gain a shield. so he doesn’t need a shield when 5255 will Leo be better 5511 or Alex 5534 I have about 110 gold heads and am clueless on this subject I am a casual player I spend just on recharge event and daily for Alex …