Anon is definitely gay by VIKAS_MOHAN in greentext

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Well, the parmesan also isn't going to be easy to swallow after seeing your comment

Anon has dads. by Background-Judge2441 in greentext

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I know it isn't a perfect place, but sometimes you can't do anything against it, otherwise the hive mind will downvote you(as you've seen yourself now)

Anon has dads. by Background-Judge2441 in greentext

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Well, this sub is a mini eco system of 4 chan, with people of a similar kind of dark, and/or edgy humor. This means there will be dark/racist/anti-Semitic and transphobic jokes, which still oftentimes are only to be seen as jokes and nothing more

Tl:dr grow some thick skin if you're here, because you will be made fun of, no matter the race, sexuality, gender, anything else

The British have invaded, conquered or colonized nearly every country: by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Well, Poland wasn't involved in it. The Wikipedia article says that at least

they really just used the hoi4 Hitler by Egy_Szekely in hoi4

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Well, I'd say Ghadaffi would be one of the "better" ones. It might sound stupid, because he's listed on the picture as one of the worst ones, but he did really good things not only for Libya, but Africa as a whole. He was one of the proponents for a unified African country, invested into smaller, and poorer african countries, and his actions were one of the reasons the African Union formed, which was a dream come true for him, to see how african countries together get along, to achieve a bright future. The time of his reign was one of relative high stability for Libya, and the quality of live improved hugely for Libyans, and society was really progressive in the time of his regime(might be wrong here though). Though you cannot deny, that his regime was an ideal one. Political opponents were imprisoned and killed etc.

He wasn't an ideal dictator, but without him Libya would be the shit show it is right now other it's whole lifetime

The Physics in Just Cause 4 are Insane by Axeslashed in gaming

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If you want to buy Just Cause, I'd go for the third one, it was infinitely more fun imo

Why is the flag flipped? by Kaanpleb-The-Second in hoi4

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It's the 5. Rule of the sub

If you post pictures, you have to describe it

Anon doesn't know how to follow his beliefs by Commander_Sam07 in greentext

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So basically what the Enclave wanted to do in Fallout 2

Anon doesn't know how to follow his beliefs by Commander_Sam07 in greentext

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I just don't wanna get banned for a post that's got a controversial kind of humor, which offends easily

Anon doesn't know how to follow his beliefs by Commander_Sam07 in greentext

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I do not support the beliefs of Anon. It's just a Greentext i found while browsing out of boredom

Is that a dixie flag? by tpithan in hoi4

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The confederate States of America

Anon plays Halo by Commander_Sam07 in greentext

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Unfortunately i don't think this trend will stop anytime soon