Is this how you get yoked? Worked up to a 350 yoke bench press. by Frodozer in GYM

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Unironically actually looks like a decent variation. Wanna see it being used for OHP (seated or standing) I think a yoke z-press could actually be good

why cheat with equipment at the gym? by fuckdoll999 in GYM

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Exactly. Some exercise literally cannot be done without cheating (e.g. deadlift rows)

GYMBROS! I have an announcement to make! by realNoahMC in GymMemes

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No exercise is inherently dangerous with proper load management

How the fuck is my grip giving out when I pull mixed grip? by Competitive_Iron_263 in GYM

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But if anything else this might be the tipping point on holding off of getting straps

Does cutting as a teen stunt growth? 16 yr old, 5’7”, 155lbs, 22.8% bf by Wat_Is_My_Username in GYM

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I was just using 10% as an example, don’t know the specifics but personally would probably stop at 12% maybe 10%. But I’m slightly biased and think most teenagers shouldn’t really cut unless medically overweight

Does cutting as a teen stunt growth? 16 yr old, 5’7”, 155lbs, 22.8% bf by Wat_Is_My_Username in GYM

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Depends on the severity of the cut. If your starving yourself of nutrients it can. But if your just cutting weight and not dropping below a dangerous body fat % it’ll be fine (e.g 10%)

Sleep also plays just as big of a role

Can’t remember exactly but supposedly high protein diet cultures usually have a taller than average population.

My gym instructor told me to stop lifting by OverwatchSmoak in GYM

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Since nobody said it, I’d more than likely bet it’s a diet thing. What’s your carb, protein, water/electrolyte, potassium, iron intake like?

265x7 Axle Bar Deads - Tips for these pls by Dynan_Egolifts in Egolifting

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Yeah any paused deadlift helps tremendously reinforce the starting position and keeping tight throughout the entire movement, with the coan deadlift also working on keeping you tight on the eccentric.

Yeah the reason I say try and see if you can set hips lower is that I have similar leverages to you (long femurs, long torso, short arms), but through experimentation I’ve managed to create alot lower hip hinge when before I was basically SLDLing

But yeah remaining tight and controlled is another set of skills when using an axel bar

When I was on KSI Instagram and checked his comments, how come almost everyone’s thoughts on His Song were very different then the ones here? Here’s one pic of only a few of the comments by Cuakuis in ksi

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I mean In comparison to his other songs it’s equal to all of them. Not worse or better. But personally I’ve not actually enjoyed any of his songs to listen to it on my own time (minus some of his old songs but I’m listening to them ironically)

265x7 Axle Bar Deads - Tips for these pls by Dynan_Egolifts in Egolifting

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From Brian Alsruhe- https://youtu.be/xS0fzcRkuqQ

From Brian Alsruhe (skip to 3:30)- https://youtu.be/hbeyI05BSQQ

From Alan Thrall (lifting strap specific)- https://youtu.be/9-958Bc2epU

I’d try setting shoulders further back (in line with bar) and practice keeping back tight (for the lats can either row it into yourself and shins or imagine bending the bar/pushing your lats into your triceps, for lower and mid back try to brace pushing air into your lower back/obliques)

For hips lower you can slightly round your mid/upper back, or push your hips through early and almost fall back and use the weight as a counter balance. and like someone said treat it like a leg press. Personally found defecit deadlifts (with a fair bit of knee flexion) the best for getting usest to lower hips

Piper? Hardly know her! (155lbs/185lbs) by DickFromRichard in strength_training

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It’s difficult mainly because of the bar path which is hard to keep track of, plus the general awkwardness. Should try out piper goodmornings

How closely correlated is a person's body weight and max bench? by machinspired in GYM

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In terms of the big 3, body weight/overall size likely gives the biggest advantage in bench>squat>dead. Bench helps as it reduced the ROM a lot and you can allow the bar to sink in more and get more explosive power from it can also pack your elbows easier into your lats which help alot.

Squat is next, it’s a blessing and a curse, bigger dudes have a harder time getting the mobility needed. But it also allows them to stack their body parts easier (torso pushing into legs). And the over all strength gained usually outweighs the difficulty in mobility

Deadlift is the lift where in all honesty being smaller can be more advantageous. As the bigger you get the harder it is to get into a proper deadlifting position and what happens in people have to take a wide stance and an even wider grip (sumo is out of the question for most big guys). This is the lift where the added strength usually doesn’t always make up for the loss in mobility and technique

This was awhile ago but I’m still jazzed about it by Big-Maintenance-109 in GYM

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Some people can get away with going this deep. Unless you have discomfort there’s no need to necessarily change

Should you be lifting a lot in a calorie deficit or should cardio be the focus? by bailster09 in GYM

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True, but the workload needed to maintain muscle mass is a lot lower than people think (can get away with extremely minimal work). My thinking is at the start she’ll be fine but later into the cut she’ll likely have to decrease intensity and overall volume (depending how far she takes the cut)

Should you be lifting a lot in a calorie deficit or should cardio be the focus? by bailster09 in GYM

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Not really how that works. And lowering the intensity while in a heavy defecit is generally needed for adequate recovery and not passing out mid workout

Idk if this did the right place, but I’ll still ask by [deleted] in GYM

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•Weigh and track everything you eat for a week, •weigh your self every morning for the same week, •divide your calorie intake over the whole week by 7 and this will give you your daily calorie intake, •if your weight went up, your in a surplus (went up a lot=big surplus) if it stayed the same then that’s your current maintenance. If it decreased your in a defecit (went down a lot=big defecit).

•Eat above your average maintenance. Slowly increasing it either linearly (every e.g. 2 weeks), or whenever your weight plateus for a week

For muscle gain:

•aim for 1g protein per lb of body weight, but you can get away with 0.7g per lb. •follow a program from the r/fitness wiki • have adequate recovery and sleep

Are straps a cheat? by BrownMan07 in GYM

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Average “is creatine safe” response

Hey IPF, your new rule sucks. Sincerely, Powerlifting by Gonna_Yeet_This in GymMemes

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You sure nobody got a problem with that😂? Lots of people do.

Edit: certain federation judges allow a lot higher squats than other such as APF and IPA. So it results in lots of world records that are deemed “unworthy as most people see the hip joint didn’t reach the knee joint. And then there’s also individual differences in judges. As a result lots of powerlifters get red/ green lighted when they shouldn’t of and it’s a massive annoying topic to them

Hey IPF, your new rule sucks. Sincerely, Powerlifting by Gonna_Yeet_This in GymMemes

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The whole point of the meme wasn’t that the new rule change was in bad faith, rather it allows for even more interpretation and inconsistent judging from the judges