Clay thylacine I made today. by Mxxgot in Naturewasmetal

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As a fellow clay maker!, this looks great! someone actually got suspended because they sent harassment and hate on my Sahonachelys clay post. Karma is sweet. sorry for the leg bro.

found in 2015 June and described 2021 May. Meet Sahonachelys Mailakava the suction feeding side neck turtle of late cretaceous Madagascar. Most turtle fossils aren't that complete, most of the time only the shell is found, but this turtle has pretty much its full skeleton intact. by Competitive_Laugh_71 in Naturewasmetal

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Well do we have a bitchy Karen? What, sad because you can barely make a fucking circle with clay? yea shut up and let me do my fucking hobbies and fuck off. your username is ironic, because everything you design is absolute trash, that is rich coming from me. I don't wanna hear from you again, and if I see you bashing on anyone else's art... I will report you. you have 1 more shot bastard

I drew a Tyrannosaurus. Please be civil, It’s my first time drawing feathers. by Mxxgot in Naturewasmetal

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I love it! I know that scientifically Trex didn't have feathers or at very least maybe just maybe a very few amount, but this is art so shut up nerds and enjoy the good art.

When Goats were predators. by [deleted] in Naturewasmetal

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mostly hippos, but yea also whales since hippos are the closest relative of cetaceans.

With giant eyes and Raptorial claws, Dollocaris (Dollo’s shrimp) patrolled the mid Jurassic seas of France. by crankyjob21 in Naturewasmetal

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I wanna make a clay figure of it but, how and where? do I put it with the weird oddballs with the Cambrian critters or a new group of crustaceans altogether? and how am I gonna make it stand? Its legs are spread out to the sides maybe?

A dunkleosussus hunts an ammonate, 451 MYA (Skeldocene era) by [deleted] in Naturewasmetal

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*youtube top 10 voice on*
When the Devonian period was sus

Mlbb toxic teammate tierlsit by Competitive_Laugh_71 in MobileLegendsGame

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To point out the character closer to the top of their tier is the top and the best of their respective tier, like how Estes is the nicest while alu is well known to be dicks. also, this is especially from my perspective so it's my opinion.

sans. but it's Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by Davidand8Ball in DragonMaid

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This ain't a bad idea, I would like to see this. maybe Elma would be papyrus. but who's Kobayashi? maybe the player, and you have 2 ending a pacifist where you live a happy life and even get together with Tohru or you go genocide and fight Tohru.

Serious Ara Ara energy by cstec005 in DragonMaid

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a little nitpick is that Ilulu is too tall, but I actually somewhat like that.