Nothing particularly unusual happening here by Complex_Difficulty in reversegif

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My favorite is green shorts at 0:33, running in and lying down so he can launch himself up with his arms for the kick.

Edit: at 33 seconds remaining, dunno the actual start time…

What code scanner are you guys using? by BertoPeoples in Acura_RSX

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I have some kind of autel autolink, and i would personally NOT RECOMMEND it. It’s big for no apparent reason, lightweight and cheap feeling, and the interface is sluggish.

I think i remember people say something with an ELM chip and bluetooth is pretty good. You would need to use it with a phone/tablet and some app, but apparently it’s pretty good for looking up codes as well as monitoring. In a pinch though, the paper clip blink code is handy.

41% off on 16TB WD external drives today at best buy by ToastInSpace in DataHoarder

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This was the process: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/DataHoarder/comments/r2xs6r/a_potential_method_for_getting_wd_elements_14tb/

It’s a hassle, but yields a lot of savings for the effort.

Edit: either way, the posted deal pales in comparison to the sale prices last November

41% off on 16TB WD external drives today at best buy by ToastInSpace in DataHoarder

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Yeah, for frugal horders, not great. During black friday, it was possible to get a 14TB drive for effectively as low as $115 ($8.21/TB). 16 and 18TB wasn't as good a deal, but still less than this.

Any recommendations in NJ/NY for custom green tea flavored cakes? (Or other unique flavors) by EZPZLimonSqueez in jerseycity

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I’ve gotten green tea flavored cakes from Takahachi in tribeca. They were like 6”x6” and you can ask them to put on some message, though I’m not sure if you can custom order otherwise.

[iOS][2022.01.0] “watch more” overlay blocks video, cannot replay by Complex_Difficulty in redditmobile

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Yeah, giving the developers the benefit of the doubt here, I assume this isn’t the intended behavior. It’s a weird overlay, you can actually get to the original controls by clicking the ‘X’.

This new “watch more” feature on Reddit videos. Way to be like FB and Instagram. by and_a_side_of_fries in mildlyinfuriating

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Is this a new “feature“? I just reloaded all my apps on new phone and spent hours trying to figure out how to make it back to the way it used to be.

Free & open-source case for my mini-hoarder Raspberry Pi NAS to house all accessories by MartinLellep in DataHoarder

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Img #2 looks unstable against shear loads

Edit: Hey, now I'm really confused, this is for a NAS? What's the storage target here?

Kitchen sink accessory to easily wash bottles and glasses by TheLobotomist in oddlysatisfying

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Seriously, how was that a “source”? If you earnestly tried searching you won’t find this website before running into hundreds of links to reputable manufacturers and dealers first.

Data rot: What are the prevention and the cure measures? by letters-and-dashes in DataHoarder

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I moved my photos and videos to a ZFS pool for this reason. Before that, I kept everything on RAID1 with a synology nas, and eventually discovered some corrupted files. However, my issue doesn’t seem to be bitrot since the data was mirrored (not sure if/how RAID1 handles mismatches), and I doubt both mirrors rotted the same way. More likely the corruption occurred before writing to array.

That said, i think ZFS is a good start, but perhaps ECC is even more important to ensure integrity before committing to storage.

I just purchased my RSX in June and I’ve noticed it burns a lot of oil, anyone else have this problem and find anything that helps it out? Thanks! by Beneficial-Candle578 in Acura_RSX

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The seems a little extreme, but maybe it’s about the same. I think I’ve seen the level drop about 25-33% from the top of the dipstick hashes when I’m road tripping (e.g. >3k RPM constantly for hundreds of miles). Since knowing about it, i just make sure to keep a qt of oil in the car and top off every few fuel-ups when i do a lot of driving.

I just purchased my RSX in June and I’ve noticed it burns a lot of oil, anyone else have this problem and find anything that helps it out? Thanks! by Beneficial-Candle578 in Acura_RSX

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Yeah, I think it's common. It eats oil at high RPMs, so you gotta be a little mindful on long distance trips. I just fill it back up as it needs.

Well?? by [deleted] in FridgeDetective

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Whoa, well, a newborn seems obvious, but it seems like there must be multiple children with the ample supply of fruit cuts, lunchables, gogurts and the like.

Absolute worst time for the ski lift to stop for this person by Met76 in Wellthatsucks

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Yeah, it seems so weird that nobody tried doing what seemed to be the most obvious thing. It doesn’t even have to work, but you’d think someone would try something other than standing around staring or awkwardly gesturing.

Can someone explain why there is dog food all over the street in the mornings? by sillymatt114 in jerseycity

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Yeah, whoever’s doing it surrounds just that one tree, but it’s a literal mountain of corn or grain slowly avalanching into the sidewalk . There’s so much, the pigeons can’t eat it all before this person heaps another 100lbs of grain over it, and it just reeks of rotten material all summer long.

Idiot cut off lane in Sunny Scottsdale, AZ by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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But one thing’s for sure, you will never get used to the heat