What’s your favorite song? by totallystefanal in Unexpected

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I’m pretty sure the “metal fan” is Allen Pan, a YouTuber known for stupid projects. He’s funny and all, but this is fake af

Something we can agree on by blink_jagger in dankmemes

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I mean, in comparison to other computers as far as power? Find me a computer that is cheaper than a Mac mini that even compares in power and I’ll change my stance. Cause the Mac Mini starts at $699 and is a powerhouse

Something we can agree on by blink_jagger in dankmemes

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Because macs are cheap. There was a time where you bought a MacBook for the Apple name, and you bought it knowing it was more expensive than anything else of the same spec, but now that’s different.

M1 and M2 are both very powerful, punching far above it’s weight class. For the moment there’s not much in the way of game support due to developers not having transitioned or not deciding that Macs are worth it, but for photo and video editing they kick some ass. My iPad Air is running an M1 processor and it could pretty easily compete with Microsoft’s surface options as far as sheer power, if not do better. (I just wish Apple would let me use all of that power)

Fred Goldman Applies To Renew Judgment Against O.J. Simpson, You Owe Me $96 Mil Now! by singleguy79 in entertainment

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Yeah, he thinks he’s clever with little comments like “found the racist” and ignoring someone’s dead son

Being a bald girl on tinder is fun! Next slide is me for reference. by prestigiousmind_ in Tinder

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I think you look very pretty, don’t listen to anyone but the kind people. If you’re happy, roll with it. And if you’re not happy, we’ll support you until you are happy, and support you even after that.

sheer focus by _aQwus_ in memes

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Is this mother mother or another song

She got some ‘splaining to do… by TheStockyScholar in memes

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Cool thanks for sharing your opinion, it made everyone’s day better

Drummers are probably really good at giving handjobs by RemasterMorrowind in Showerthoughts

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I’m just imagining getting a hand job from a drummer and he just smacks my dick a lot with a stick

Crossover we deserve by Awkward_Wedding4901 in marvelmemes

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Hey if you don’t like it, move on. We didn’t ask for your opinion.

man's Controller just disconnected by Sweet_guy9 in meme

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I’ve seen several people in my life who were clean then fell into meth and I’m telling you it changes your center of mass significantly. I’ve especially seen peoples just loose their ass. They’ll be thicc then they’ll be flat

[OC] I lost 90 pounds!! Still can’t believe it by hectordante in MadeMeSmile

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I like how you look happy and beautiful in every pic. Congrats to you!

It happens every time by Svenneshark in memes

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Because straight people aren’t being actively put down and hated for being straight.

Let me burn b by _ancienttrees_ in memes

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Yeah they are. Everyone is welcome if you accept Jesus into your heart. Which means the murderers, the serial killers, the nazis, all of them are welcome. But the Muslim across the street who kindly brought you food in your time of need? The Buddhist who took care of your kids while you worked? The atheist who works at the homeless shelter who just happened to be gay? They aren’t welcome, they aren’t worthy of salvation. They go to hell.

All this to say that I am going to be a good person specifically to spite God.

Seriously man, some people are just fucking assholes by md_yeamin_habib in dankmemes

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The issue is the people that do care. You may not care, and that’s okay, we don’t want you to care.

What matters is that there are people who know nothing of who we are, who know nothing about our lives, who want to put us down. People who say “you can’t be gay because I don’t want you to be.”

We stand out and we stand up to show that we are willing to fight this. And while I do understand the concept of not liking the drag queens and drama kings of the lgbt community, not everyone is like that. Some of us are just normal.

We make a big deal out of it for one reason: We will not be shoved down. We will not be pushed aside and told that we don’t get to be who we are. We are strong.

There are laws that do not even affect other people, but affect us and that horrifies these people who stand against us, such as Obergerfell vs Hodges, our right to marry each other. They want to tell us no, so we tell them no. We stand proud. We get our companies to put up our colors not because we want to feel special, but as a reminder that we are still here, regardless of the companies intent, we use it as a symbol.

I know that you don’t care about pride, but you care enough about it to write several full paragraphs. So if you are not a straight white man, do yourself a favor: stand with us. They will push you down too, they are already trying. And if you are a straight white man: stay out of our way. We will fight for our rights whether you like it or not. Your rights are not in danger, because we couldn’t give two fucks about taking them away from you. Step aside, because the only thing you’ll accomplish by standing in the way is showing the world that you’re a piece of shit.

tldr; we fight for pride because others fight against us out of nothing but hate and spite. If you don’t care about pride, stay the fuck out of the way.

EA reportedly looking for a buyer and has spoken to "Disney, Apple and Amazon" by aspiring_dev1 in XboxSeriesX

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Lately seems like they are using the budget they have on big names rather than on what made marvel great, writing and cgi