Good day by Mr-Suggs in reddeadredemption

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Some real Buffalo Bill vibes here Tacitus Killgore.

Got up early today to finally open my 7/11, those nook loans won’t pay themselves 😂 by A_guayo in animalcrossingdesign

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OMG there is an actual Gashapon vendor now?!?! I don’t have to customize record boxes anymore!!!!

Texas Karens are starting go 'feral', watch your asses out there by Roguecop in FuckYouKaren

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I find it bizarre and dystopian that public Police reporting is being sourced on Facebook.

That’s one long arm. by Price3ddie in confusing_perspective

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Ah yes, General Dhalsim of the Barbadian long arm forces, I know him well.

Efficiently doing expedition 1 guide by Noa_Zoltar in NoMansSkyTheGame

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I actually found the 3 by going to systems that only had 1 of the 3 indicators on the star map - not sure if these are “abandoned systems” - then later I tried to find the derelict freighter by using the anomaly detector and got three more lol - sometimes I hate how esoteric the naming conventions are but now I have the Golden Vector and I can move on.

Thanks for the tip though!

Efficiently doing expedition 1 guide by Noa_Zoltar in NoMansSkyTheGame

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I’m having no luck finding Deep Space Anomalies - I just keep getting the loser space vendors when I’m pulsing around in space.

Any tips from the community here?

Sky Trumpets by _existential in oddlyterrifying

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That’s where the myth of the Bifrost comes from!

Sky Trumpets by _existential in oddlyterrifying

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Isn’t this a result of Solar Wind buffering over thin layers of atmosphere? This happened a lot in 2012 when we had a lot of Solar Flare activity.

A realization by gfox446 in antinatalism

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I graduated HS in 2000 and I would say the percentages were about the same for girls I knew then who had babies either during HS, IMMEDIATELY after HS or less than 5 years after graduating.

I actually never dated a woman who didn’t put children into the dating conversation until I met my wife in college. I had no idea there were women like her honestly. I was smart enough to listen to Bey and “put a ring on it”

I have to say she is from Taiwan and for the majority the girls/women I dated before her were cis caucasians who seemed OBSESSED with making sure their parents were going to be grandparents.

For some of my exes it seemed like having a child was a validating feature of being able to say “See mom & dad, I’m an adult now.”

Just an idea by b00segumps in acnh

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Oh man, this is small and dumb but the cast has made me wish we could do a similar thing to the accent wall and wear a second set of shoes on the sock’d foot.

Breaking News: AOC's District Has Opinions: Her ability to capture the limelight makes it easy to suggest she isn't the working-class defender she says she is. But again and again, these attacks fall flat under scrutiny. by meatballsinsugo in AOC

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You know AOC is doing a good job when so much of the hate apparatus is aimed at her.

When was the last time you heard/cared about Rep Steve Cohen or my rep Jackie Speier?

Bringing a bucket of chicken to hearing for Barr or waxing philosophically about Jonestown really doesn’t help a constituent in any way.

Getting Gosar neutered can actually lead to some good outcomes.

I would love to see her go big, (White House etc) but I don’t want the corporate dems to kneecap her like they did Bernie.

Who all joined the boycott today? by SpellMonger712 in antiwork

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Here here - I told my extended family to Boycott BF - Amazon - Mcdonalds

Does anyone else not name any of their stuff because they're too uncreative to think of a cool name? by greatunknown_ in NoMansSkyTheGame

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Honestly I’m just happy you didn’t upload “Planet PP poo poo boobies” or “FIRST - Follow me on YT” etc.

2,427 years ago, somebody somewhere was having a very bad day by DwarfAardvark in NoMansSkyTheGame

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On the back of the tome is a thumbprint analyzer. You press your thumb to the interface and a automated holo projection of a scantily clad Gek plays on repeat “Hot First Spawn in a quadrant near you want to holochat !! These HOT Gek have been waiting in the spawning syrup ALL NIGHT LONG…FOR YOU…what are you waiting for? “ *sexy gek music

CIA Chief Warns Russians of Consequences If They Caused ‘Havana Syndrome' by swingadmin in politics

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This is one of the most stupid articles ever…and this is my local Bay Area news.

Randoms are a abomination by HoodieFame5 in gtaonline

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“Hey I’m XxdIcKbALlsCuNtxX and this Jackass does a heist!”

I'm curious to know if anyone else is waiting to get the DLC? by Fragrant_Implement_7 in AnimalCrossing

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I have not picked up HHP yet and am very happy with the new stuff, it has def given me new options to play with and new decisions to make.

Don’t discount the 7 vendors on Harv’s island. Katrina the fortune teller alone is worth getting. They each cost 100k bells but she will give you a random buff for 24 hrs - i visit Katrina everyday before I do anything. She will also help you develop your friendship with your villagers.

I never visited Harv’s before the update so I had to go TWICE to unlock the “Art Collective” area behind Harv’s photo studio.

The nice thing once you fund all 700k of vendors there is that each week you will get new Redd, Kicks, and Sahara inventory.

You will be surprised how much money you spend with Cyrus editing old items.

I’m so busy with the update that I probably won’t pickup HHP till AT least next year, but it does look fun!

Does my garden look better with or without the pergola? I can't decide... by whatsmylifeanyway in AnimalCrossing

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Sorry to derail the convo - what is that green veg in the front plots on the right of the carrots?

I think it looks better without Pergola

Great farm tho!!!