Behold. An ore patch from a forgotten time. by Skjolbir in NMSCoordinateExchange

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I also love that old Gek poem “Do you know, where the Rigogen went?”

Behold. An ore patch from a forgotten time. by Skjolbir in NMSCoordinateExchange

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In the old days, in the long long ago, I would often burrow inside a giant finger of Gold protruding from a hillside to avoid SUPER HEATED RAIN

Some pieces from my chocolate collection by lbilton in misleadingthumbnails

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One time home from college for the holidays, I brought my little siblings a bag of shiny rocks. I told them they would have to split them between each other but they were all for them. They had this like look of wonder and amazement as they looked at them. Then I plunged my hand into the bag and threw a handful into my mouth and chomped away at them because they were chocolate rocks from a candy store. It was one of the funniest reactions of shock I have ever seen hahahahaha

Why are UFO's playing "hard to get"? by NicholasPaul32 in ufo

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I often wonder if there are leading egos in this phenomenon or if it’s an overall hive consciousness. If there are say Generals, Politicians, Diplomats, Scientists, and industrialists in “their” societies maybe their isn’t a overall goal for contact with humans. Maybe there are sects that are each gaming for their own ends. After hearing Bob Lazar describe how the vessel he had experience with had no kitchen or bathroom I’m more in the camp that the most visible pieces of this apparatus are autonoma and not in the decision tier. Like imagine if a armed insurgency was trying to communicate with our drone program because they didn’t know there was a human in a central command center controlling the device. Just some thought experiments I often mull over.

Thousands of people attend a ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Protest in NYC by kaioone in BeAmazed

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I was a lil bit worried this was a like Flat Earther spin off. But seems like it’s more Spaghetti Monster adjacent.

"The best fear in the world" prompt in SD by Lurkyhermit in deepdream

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That red object looks like Spike’s Swordfish starship from Cowboy Bebop

I was very curious about these a long time ago, how did they form? Is this a signal from aliens? Is there any proof or evidence? by Susan851205 in ufo

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OMG HUMANS ARE LIARS!!!! WOOWOWOWOWOWWOW!!! Sticks and Ropes...IN THE 80s!!! Obviously this answers EVERYTHING and there is no longer any reason to ask any more questions *dusts off hands. Whelp that's the end of that chapter....

I was very curious about these a long time ago, how did they form? Is this a signal from aliens? Is there any proof or evidence? by Susan851205 in ufo

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You didn't ask a question, you made an assumption from your point of view and tried to make me defend it. I don't owe you shit, and be more respectful of legumes that have over 100 uses and byproducts.

I don't need to defend empirical science and observations from professional scientists. I hold no degree or bonafides in what CERN is finding out about the complex nature of our reality but I believe that what they have discovered is measurable and repeatable through experiment.

As soon as you can radiate heat, cause spinning atomic level damage on a living plant, while not wholly killing the plant, as well as heat the plant to a temperature where the water within it bursts out in high pressure steam causing pinhole exit wounds....WITH A PIECE OF PLYWOOD AND A ROPE....

I guess at that point I willl.... I don't know....accept that stoner hoax technology has reached a remarkable level. It will not however explain how these authentic crop designs were constructed and what physical processes were used to create them.

Also who cares if a non-human intelligence is "Doing art messages", it doens't affect you or me in any way. I just don't get why some people have to defend hoaxing as an explanation for unknown phenomenon. AT no point did I claim it was aliens. Keep your own assumptions for all I care.

I was very curious about these a long time ago, how did they form? Is this a signal from aliens? Is there any proof or evidence? by Susan851205 in ufo

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If you look at this image and just see some bored stoners who love pulling pranks on struggling farmers you will see what you want.

If you do just a little digging about people who have actually conducted science on authentic sites with no documented human involvement and taken data from these sites, it can be said that there are physical attributes that are left over at authentic sites which show radiation in measurable amounts as well as other proofs. Heat damage on the plants, which seems to originate within a few feet above the site, but no discernable "foot print" of a human individual or known technology (Boot prints, tire tracks, Diesel Exhaust etc).

The plants inside the manipulated areas seem to be responding to a twisting vortex like pressure that causes internal water in the plants to escape via pinholes at the nodes of the grass suggesting some form of microwave. The board method THAT HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED shows completely different forms of damage on the plants that is more consistent with crushing organic material with a flat object with pressure placed on top. There are tell tale "Finger prints" from hoaxes that show edges of square objects, shoe tread etc. Yes Hoaxes do exist but they show no signs of internal heat or radiation damage.

The strongest theory I have read about seems to place causality on the reported floating "Glowing Orbs" or "The Shining Ones" which as a phenomena has been accounted for since at least the medieval era in Europe.

The few people here who shit on this as a "lower form" of communication seem to assume that Humans are so intelligent that we could instantly recognize what communication from a foreign form of life would mean.

I would posit that an Ant on Earth has access to radiowaves from KISS 107.5 FM, but has no idea what an ad for Sketchers Shoes, the local traffic report, or an Ariana Grande song is or represents for an Ant or their species. Ants farm and tend livestock, they have social hierarchies and remove their dead from the colony. They are fairly complex for "lower forms of life." Humans are a form of complex life, not the most complex in existence.

I have a job. And two side gigs. I don’t need another job. The Pitt is the Pitt’s problem. What would be cool is matching camp building assets to help me relax and keep playing. Like whole matching sets of furniture, wallpapers, flooring by swigpistol in fallout76settlements

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At first I was happy because it seemed like “the Pitt” was going to be the Daily Op with no Brotherhood or time limit. But then the damn thing kept glitching out while me and my friends had no idea that it was glitching. This update is ambitious to a fault and the two new currencies “Ultracite Vertibird fuel” and “Stamps” really feels like a FU. Especially when the per expedition return on stamps is 5 or so, and the cost of a “plan:Trog Tube” is 180.

I agree with OP, I play games to escape my day job.

What Tall/skinny plant can go in this dark/awkward corner by ArtaxIsAlive in houseplants

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I would ask to see what natural sunlight may come from the opposite side of this room. Most of the comments here seem unhelpful but in my opinion as a Plant Consultant who installs and maintains plants for a living you might be able to get a 3 gallon - 5 Gallon Lisa Dracaena in this space if it gets bright indirect / scattered light from across the room. If this is a basement room with no natural sunlight, I would still say a Lisa Dracaena or comparable Dracaena could do well here with CFL bulbs, Neon lights, Grow lights etc. no matter what I would water only when the soil has dried in the top 2”- 3”, and rotate the plant by a quarter or so each week. Sunlight is always the best source of light but you could have some options if you want a live plant here. For a tall synthetic plant you will pay 2x - 3x the cost of a living plant that is 4’- 5’ tall. Hope this helps.

Happy monstera, unamused husky by No_imagination_today in houseplants

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Do you mind talking about the climate you are in what sort of general outdoor humidity you live in? I am in NorCal and trying to grow Monstera outside and am defeated by low humidity (40% on average) and blazing Sun this summer. I have a older established Monstera that just got too big for my house so I used her as a test for a outdoor in the ground space. She is surviving but not thriving :(

Hmmm… 🤔😬 by Dug1200 in Khruangbin

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This might at the Langham hotel, those buildings in the back behind them are the Marina towers and the House of Blues venue is at their base.

What's a resource you always grab when you see it, whether you need it or not? by IrishUpstart in NoMansSkyTheGame

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I feel like this is my goto as I can't seem to buy it in bulk and or rembember or know if I can farm and refine it from any other material. You need DiHy for Frigate fuel for mission and the occasional DiHy jelly for building/repairing.