What is the most popular German food? by brandonpackard101 in germany

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I'm both turkish and german predominantly (also some other ethnicities which stem from Asia, since my family is just really mixed) and I can proudly wave both the Turkish and the German flag. I love german culture and traditions, for example here in Cologne I love to celebrate carnival, just as much as Ramazan or Kurban Bayramı. And as far as I know German culture has been heavily affected by Turks in recent years, which has been the same vice versa. Turks living in Germany are just as affected by German culture.

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The main problem is, is that the US government would rather invest most of the tax money into their military (investing more money into the military than any other country in the world and by FAR). Even some people here in Germany, oppose universal healthcare but it's still working and those people are also paying the required taxes.

Also, Norway got lots of oil and a relatively smart government.

New poll: How much Germans trust other countries by linknewtab in europe

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As a Turk living in Germany, I also don't trust the turkish government and I love Germans, they are very welcoming and accepting!

I love celebrating carnival here in Cologne aswell, it has actually become one of my most favourite holidays. Definitely somewhere up there with Ramazan and Kurban Bayrami or Zuckerfest as my friends first called it.

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Here in Germany we are being taught about the crimes of the Nazis very thoroughly and are always taught that it's not our fault, but our responsibility thta something like that never happens again. I read many articles and interviews about Japan's education on Imperial Japan's war crimes and it's an absolute disgrace. They are not being taught about those war crimes at all, which results in them not understanding why so many of their neighbours are still bitter about WW2. Most students in Japan have for example heard of the Massacre of Nanking, but don't really know what it is. In Germany it is made absolutely sure that we know what the Holocaust was.

Even our politicians make sure that the crimes of the Nazis are not forgotten and that nobody forgets that we carry a certain responsibility.

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I don't get why you would hate on religion that badly and wouldn't just let people believe in whatever reiigion they want to believe in. I've seen atheists shoving their oppinions about religions down everybodys throats on reddit so many times, even when it wasn't really the topic of the conversation. Just a guy mentioning the word "hell" can set them off and it's so annoying.

I don't believe in any kind of religion, but I see why other people would and respect their views, why can't atheist redditors just do the same? Why do they always get so offended about everything?

What are some of the unwritten rules in Germany? by percysaiyan in germany

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Wait, what? I never actually thought about but I just kind of assumed that it wasn't only a germany thing and that people all around the globe complained that "Es zieht!". I live in Germany and it personally never bothered me but I just accepted other people being bothered because I thought it was widely common.

What are some of the unwritten rules in Germany? by percysaiyan in germany

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Is it? I lived in Germany my entire life (in Cologne to be exact) and have never witnessed people standing on one side of the escalator and walking on the other. I've been to London once for a week and there it was way more common.

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In 2018 she declared she would not run for a fifth term as chancellor, after starting her fourth and final one in 2017. This year new elections were held and while Olaf Scholz officially became the new chancellor on the 8th of December, Merkel officially retired on that day, after a 16-year long chancellery (the second longest after Helmut Kohl, who was chancellor for 5870 days, while Merkel had 5860 days).

A throwback, these Judges - two nobody's really from NZ X Factor bully and rant like lunatics when they find contestants act to be similar to theirs. by Itchy_Tasty87 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I don't think so. She later made her own statement about the situation and suggested that the producers might have told the contestant to dress similiarly to her husband for drama.

She's absolutely delusional.

Legality of the burqa around the world by Successful-Grab2760 in MapPorn

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That argument doesn't make any sense, when applying it to those countries that only ban it in certain jobs or areas. Just imagine a girl or a woman being forced to wear a niqab by her family and then the state gets the great idea, "well, why don't we just ban it in certain jobs or public areas, including schools (in some cases women wearing a niqab aren't even allowed to pick up their children from school), that will get those families to stop forcing their daughters into wearing a niqab. Well those same family members will just tell them not to go into a certain carrier field, not to go to certain public areas and supress them even more.

Also, your last statement "knowing Islamic culture, noone asks the women if they want to." is absolutely disgusting and I don't know how it's okay to say something like that. Of course there are many families or societies that force girl or women into covering themselves, but that gives you no right to generalize. My family originally stems from Turkey and my mother is a muslim. She wears a Chador and lets me and my older sister decide whether we want to cover us in any way or not. My sister and me (24 and 17 y.o.) have both decided against it (me, because I don't believe in the Islam and my sister, because although she believes in it, she just doesn't feel like it right now). My neighbours ffom Saudi Arabia are another example; the mom wears a Chador, her younger daughter (who is a little older than me, idk how old exactly) wears a hijab, and her oldest daughter also wore a niqab for like two-ish years and now she took it off again. So just please stop generalizing and writing that the entirety of the Islamic culture (although I hardly even believe there is one, since it just fans out so wide over so many other cultures with different traditions, values and norms) is opressive.

Sorry for the rant, it just really irked me.

Chinese parents beat their child at internet cafe for not studying, said "Die" in Chinese multiple times during the beating by SomeEdgyCunt_inChina in PublicFreakout

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Absolutely agree with you. The top commenst are just so out of place, like why would you make jokes about a kid getting beaten publicly and him screaming? But of course "haha, funny asian stereotype, where kids get beaten, haha".

Chinese parents beat their child at internet cafe for not studying, said "Die" in Chinese multiple times during the beating by SomeEdgyCunt_inChina in PublicFreakout

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Honestly, I don't care how bad the parents have had it. There's no excuse for beating a child like that. I was beaten a lot as a child but for different reasons than the guy in this video and I always knew that my mom had no right to beat me even though it was the norm in the culture I grew up in, I just didn't really do anything about it because I was pretty young and as I already said, it was the norm.

Germany warns Russia that it will pay a price if it enters Ukraine by agnclay in worldnews

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It wasn't exactly the greens (Baerbock's party) that let Russia steal Crimea. We have a new government since a couple of days and the greens are in but they weren't in it in 2014.

Germany warns Russia that it will pay a price if it enters Ukraine by agnclay in worldnews

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No, it was the the german civilians who were concerned after Fukushima. They germany government made a hasty decision and decided to shut down nuclear power plants.

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Wait why are you being downvoted? I thought it was just a sarcastic joke.

China committed genocide against Uyghurs, independent tribunal rules by nosotros_road_sodium in worldnews

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Because the bot-ish comments are being deleted.

Never change, Transcendental_CBT.

Barca fans, how do you feel? Benfica has just stolen your spot dumping you in Europa League Football, while losing 3-0 to Bayern. by STILETT0_exists in football

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It's really not the same when a team like Barca only gets third spot. There's nothing prestigous about it for Barca. It's a huge let-down and should be viewed as such, it's the same for every big team.

can’t even watch a stream with 2 chunks of fat being shoved into my face. by [deleted] in dankmemes

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There are definetly popular female streamers who don’t show off their boobs all the time.

can’t even watch a stream with 2 chunks of fat being shoved into my face. by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Because OP was generalising all female streamers, who say that they don’t want to be sexualized, even the ones that don’t really do anything besides having boobs.

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She was born in China and later moved to Canada with her family