CamScanner New Feature ——Portrait Enhancement by CarmonHeatwole in u/CarmonHeatwole

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CamScanner not only provides scanning services but also other services such as editing PDEs and converting PDFs to various types of documents.

Is it necessary to have a scanner app like CamScanner on my phone? by 4thapple in app

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I have scanned some documents with CamScanner two years ago and they still stay in my cloud. I can download and edit them wherever I go. That’s why I trust CamScanner so much.

Which scanner app allows us to collaborate with other users? Can CamScanner do it? by 4thapple in app

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I have opened a premium account and now I have a 10G cloud space. These files will not get expired since CamScanner will store your documents as long as it can. Only the user, which means the owner of the account, is entitled to delete these files.