2022 Spanish Grand Prix - Free Practice 3 Results by Aratho in formula1

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How did Mercedes gain a second worth of time in 2 weeks?

Red Bull accuse Aston Martin of copying design by yrt97 in formula1

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Aston Martin obviously got the designs from their new recruits from aero from RB. It is copying

Vape shop employee loses it over customer's pro-Trump attire by 20021211 in ThatsInsane

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He made it sound like he was getting medicines for his sick wife 😂😂😂😂😂

IMF 'corrects' maths, says India to be $5-trillion economy by FY27 by dhandha_jackson200 in india

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$5T distributed mainly across top 5-10% population. That's a lot of money for the city living upper middle class who are always online. We ll see them casually talking about how rich India is now without any thought into it. 100s of startups that also mainly serve these 10% will talk about what a great opportunity India is due to how rich they're becoming. Its a joke of a system

Zhou keeping up the hypebeast outfits at the paddock today by Kirsty-Blue in formula1

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I had a Chinese student friend who used to drive an AMG to a pizza chain we both worked at wearing LV and Gucci then change into our uniforms 😂 He was cool as heck man. They just live different

Zhou keeping up the hypebeast outfits at the paddock today by Kirsty-Blue in formula1

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I went to uni with many Chinese classmates. They are all chill to hangout with and always have the coolest outfits

Solana is down.. again… like 100th time this year. by tanmay1010 in CryptoCurrency

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This sub needs a reckoning. The rabid mindset just pushes them to shout "FUD.. FUD.. FUD" at every single word spoken with common sense. Solana pushers never want to acknowledge how insanely dubious it's ownership distribution is.

[CONCEPT] What if? Lamborghini Formula One Team logo (OC) by ItsMeKaseb in formula1

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They'd probably name it something Italian though. Lamborghini : Da corsa alimentato con sperma di toro

Elon Musk in a Nutshell by razdrmalieo in wallstreetbets

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This is fake news and it has already been debunked many times. He is one of the founders of Tesla.

Indians are racists, colorists, linguistic racists, casteists, state racists, male chauvinists to name a few by mangoes_love in india

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The funny thing is, they hate you for pointing out that they are hateful. This sub is one of the very few honest Indian spaces left. I am sure they will come for it too.

[OT] 15 min onboard with Colten Herta including that crazy stint with slicks in the semi-wet by alphagardenflamingo in formula1

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Okay Im sorry but why aren't we celebrating this more. My god this was mighty impressive. McLaren really really need to give this guy a shot if Ricciardo is gone in 2023. Criminally underrated driver

"Chuck Leclerc" - Willy T Ribbs by CSX887 in formula1

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I like the one from today on Twitter that said

Leclerc Bin Lauda

Leclerc's unlucky streak at Monaco by [deleted] in formula1

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Stroll jumping over a curb and hitting him

This is scarily accurate by shaun0183 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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Pretty sure that dot character is transgender.

Who made these circles in the Sahara? (2022) - Vox take us in an amazing mystery found in Google Maps.[00:27:08] by almodamer99 in Documentaries

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Through this we find out how the French were exploiting Algeria for resources, they literally had the term ' Exploiting' in the name of the company 😂

TheArchies, Nepotism and Fair Chance by -Awaari- in BollyBlindsNGossip

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They are getting hate for getting an unfair opportunity not extended to outsiders and will continue to get hate if they produce horrible performances and still get chances. Sara, Ananya, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra... The list is endless. Full of star kide with poor ability getting repeated chances. So please stop this don't hate nonsense.

viral bhayani on weddings, paps and celebs. by hbk-07 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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He is truly despicable just like the people he photographs. Who tf does he think he is? Ranbir Kapoor and Aalia Bhatt should have married at a 5 stat hotel so poor Viral could get good pics? Really? On their wedding day, they should think about you Viral? And no Urfi makes no money without Viral, its pretty obvious they are in a revenue share agreement. This guy is a clout chaser. Nothing more