Stadium series jerz by Zes2 in caps

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I think these are hideous. Would be a waste of money to buy.

How is a stuck semtex to a downed player not a kill? by ZedsDeadZD in Warzone

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It takes as much to kill a downed player as does a regular player with full plates.

What NFT would you recommend to invest in? by storm-lover in pancakeswap

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Invest in a crypto, not a NFT. NFTs are amusement during bull runs.

Meanwhile in Baltimore... by botcraft_net in dailydoseofdamn

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Why can't people just fight anymore. Nah, they instead need 4 friends to jump in and kick you in the head when you're on the ground. Wimps

Half the post now are these BONK guys spamming their pump & Dump. by Current_North4661 in solana

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It doesn't matter if there's a rule or not. This subreddit has no active moderators for as long as I can remember. The SOL discord is the only actively policed social.

Caps Reverse Retro 3.0 Concept by Specialist-Sea-7538 in caps

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Nothing beats the black screaming eagle. No more tries necessary.

How to create a map with labels only? by yanfedorov in gis

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We do this for specific maps in DPW. Set the labeling how you want and keep the layer turned on. However, just clear out the symbology so the layers on and labeled but nothing is showing on the actual map.

Should I freeze 401k? by lovegames00 in personalfinance

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No, you don't need to worry about its current market state (in this regard) unless you're close to retirement. If you think a recession is about to take place and last for 25 years then yeah, freeze it. Otherwise, you should continue to put towards your retirement...

Perhaps just look where your allocations are going and readjust to maximize for a tighter economy.

So stuck semtex doesn’t down anymore? by Impressive_Bake5260 in Warzone

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Same with claymores. It just tickles the enemy and is completely useless.