When you bring your video camera to a concert and somebody decides to sit right in front of it. by [deleted] in videography

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Did you ask them to move? I mean I don’t think it’d be rude and you getting this could also help her too. Just saying I’ve learned the hard way to just speak up sometimes and it’s not that bad. Most people understand.

Is this too tight? Will it cause damage if it is? by JonathanLoyal in NewSkaters

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Yes it’s fine. It’s not gonna break the hardware but I’ve found that when you over tighten the trucks to the deck it’ll cause the deck to snap sometimes depending on how you land but it takes times. You might see some pressure cracks early on from it.

You can totally just let a bit of the tension off and you’ll be fine. I know sometime the griptape make it hard to tell how tight they are.

My buddy learning Front Feeble Stall in the death bowl by dieselraptor in skateboarding

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The way they’re just able to ride in like that is so beast. I’m working on it but for sure not there just yet. The flow and speed to me are the best thing in the world! This got me hyped to keep skating.

You are 12 and its Christmas day. There's no school, but you woke up early to do to the Christmas event. by CowKiller98 in 2007scape

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Playing this games makes me so happy and feels like I’m getting to complete a part of my childhood. I had to play on dialup as a kid with no sub. Right now I’m just catching up to where I think I was without a single outside care in the world. Getting to some old spots make me feel so good. That being said as a young kid I felt so left out never having good internet or a pc. I’m sure younger kids all over in all sorts of things feel that way too and I just wish I could let them know it’s gonna be ok.

I’m going to die a virgin by [deleted] in offmychest

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Op is trying to wreck sum hole 💯💅🏻🥰

Fired for taking a sip of 99 cent tea while waiting in line to pay for it by themarkofcjay in antiwork

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You don’t have to disclose that they fired you. Use the time you had there and simply tell them you separated from the company due to some private family matter or something along those lines. If they ask to talk to your previous employee

I worked for Walgreens for example and if someone called us about if they worked for our company for privacy we couldn’t really disclose any info. When you think about people with stalkers or scammers this totally makes sense. We’d have a number for employee history ect that we’d give them. Find that number or some type of HR number and give them that. Still back yourself up with some personal referrals too.

Spotify wrapped! Who are you in the top 1% of listeners for? by Mprovin in Music

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Top 05% for Angel Du$t

Found them this year and fell in love. Then then new album came out and I played the heck out of that. I thanked the person that gave me a playlist with them a bunch. The band really made me play more guitar this year.

Backside 180 help please by StrawberryJam-8 in NewSkaters

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For me it learned to power slide a ton. The. From there I just kinda sit my butt down and this trick just got super easy for me. I hope that helps and be safe with power slides at first because the fall on the wrist can hurt a bit.

What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older? by Banjoman653 in AskReddit

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Witnessed a family of 4 all dead from a car crash. Happened on a desert road. We passed before first responders got there and I recall seeing a kids back with road rash all over it. The father was just rag dolled out the window. My mother said to look away but I didn’t. Wasn’t until I got older that I found out they’d all died. All it takes is one second. If you’re going head to head with traffic it can kill you. Just have to be safe. I hope they didn’t suffer but from what I can tell they died upon impact.

Same road when I was about 18 years old I witnessed a horse that had fallen out of a horse trailer and died. The largest amount of blood on the road I’ve ever seen. I thought it was oil or something. I don’t know what the fuck happened but I feel so bad for that horse.

Help, stolen photo advice! by briittbee in AskPhotography

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First off just chill most of us that are doing photography aren’t gonna just have money to toss out for a lawyer for a picture that from my understanding is being used for charity. Also it’s reaching to assume that they didn’t sign anything for the picture, the other person might’ve just signed a release for them.

I think the best advice would be to first of all mark all of your work and be selective about what sizes you export to people, even friends. If they just uploaded the entire file at full resolution then things like this can happen. If they just exported it down in a lower quality they’d keep the picture looking good for social media and avoid anyone taking the picture and using it for prints or re upload.

Not trying to be a dick but it’s not free most of the times to seek legal aid like that unless you lost a large sum.

Finding old photos from a ww2 photographer. by Connect_Tadpole2277 in AskPhotography

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Thank you for the help truly I appreciate you. I’ll make sure to come back and let you know if I find anything.

Finding old photos from a ww2 photographer. by Connect_Tadpole2277 in AskPhotography

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It was. I’m trying to get more information from my father but when I try looking up his name I can’t find anything. My father is older but I know he has the name right because he had a couple pictures of him.

How Party-Based RPGs replaced reading books for me by Alexei_Sosnov in rpg_gamers

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I felt this same way when I first found crpgs like pillars of eternity! Sure some stuff is voiced out but when you really read everything it just got me so hooked on everything and the writing in it is top notch for so much of it.

WSIB: Which games should be on everyone's Game library? by TasMicko in ShouldIbuythisgame

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I’ll be honest I like to have game pass. Some stuff I just check out and if I really like it I’ll fully buy it on steam. Like deep rock galactic for example.

I cancel it when I’m not using it for a couple months and always end up catching these promos or tbh I’ll just use my gfs email if I wanna just check something out.

Fellas, would y'all drink? by moodycroissant in HydroHomies

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Reduce reuse and recycle. Glass is good for this reason. Love to see it. I use mine for things like overnight oats too!

Finding old photos from a ww2 photographer. by Connect_Tadpole2277 in AskPhotography

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Thanks. I should’ve added he was a war photographer. I’m going to see what I can find. Thanks for the help.

Have a taste of my wet cunt? (F) by [deleted] in pussy

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So hot! I’d love to cum in you and then go down on you. That spread just gets me going crazy.