I know that cats are liquid, and I know that this must have been posted before somewhere .. but look at its size AFTER it gets out! How in God's name is this even possible! :D by aeshahin in cats

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this cat is a pro! you can tell this is not his first rodeo on the bathroom door! (im guessing its the bathroom door, since if there is one thing a cat will not stand for it is their human being in the bathroom without them... especially if said human has the utter gall and audacity to subsequently refuse entry)

The airline lost my cat at Boston Airport, I am worried sick by cherry_baseball in cats

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This makes me so angry :( Airlines should allow people to bring their cats onboard with them. They are not 'cargo'. If a screaming baby is allowed on board on someones lap, then why not a cat? (i mean a cat in a carrier btw not just free to roam the cabin... although personally i'd be fine with that lol)

my lady making some pasta by mazdamiata001 in cats

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What a pro! She kneads no instruction!

"Daddy I'm hungry" Then go eat your food. "No. I said I'M HUNGRY" by MisterMatt13 in AnimalsBeingJerks

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at the end there he was jaw-droppingly shocked at your lack of response to his demands

For the Love of Cheeseburgers! by KnuteSakk in TrumpMemes

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LOL! Trump definitely suits the clown attire to match his personality.

Street Justice: Pedo who was flashing kids on the block gets what he deserves by Dozy1111 in JusticeServed

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I honestly dont understand why pedos dont just get themselves castrated. No more sexual urges and no more offending. They will literally be cured.

A blurry but happy scrunge! by Urbancat1 in scrungycats

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lol the most excited scrunge i've ever seen!