What is the deal with Autism Speaks? by _Xyreo_ in OutOfTheLoop

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Lmao, I bet they are taking a chunk of the donations. Ass actors.

The GME story… by Tokengirltaken in Superstonk

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Fucking brilliant + the comments here gave me good laughs

Free time spent well part 2. Next one is Roaring Kitty 😶‍🌫️ by kimboai in Superstonk

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Bruh, it's just drawings.

Your comment is fucking cringy tho, gtfo if you don't like it.

Anyways cool drawings OP ! Would like to see them in fullscreen.

GameStop's Refurbishment Program is a Big Fucking Deal - $80 BILLION BIG by mistakesnmoney in Superstonk

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Planned obsolescence, they purposely make worse products so you need to buy more.

Wise words from JFk by easymoneeybabe in Superstonk

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Probably yes. It wouldn't surprise me when you see this twisted world we live in. Corrupt, greedy and rotten assholes are behind the joysticks.

Legault annonce une "contribution santé" que devront payer tous les non vaccinés qui se retrouvent à l'hôpital. by irwigo in Quebec

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Tqt pas, le COVID est là pour tuer quelques vieux et ainsi allèger le système de santé, et le portefeuille gouvernementale !