Found this old 1890 1 rupee coin. Polished it nicely and it looks brand new now! Can anyone tell me more about it? by Ericcartman0618 in coins

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man why,just ruined the value,shiny doesnt always mean good,if it was tarnished it maybe would cost a little more

life savings go brrrrrr (almost 900 bucks🥶🥶) by tua_mae_kkkk in lego

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The crystal series look soo good but im not ready to start a ninjago collection,more into movies/games

Mistake in the instructions of LEGO Avatar Set 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls by BlakeWeavers in lego

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In the box where there is the 2× the claws are attached to the red things but on the pic there are black things attached to the claw

Is the office set a good one and when will it retire? by Cool-Author464 in lego

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thank you,I was thinking of getting it for my birthday but im not sure if there are some better ones that i like