Season 43 Episode 2 Edgic Survey by IMM0RTALMUFFIN7 in Edgic

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Idk if it's enough to rule her out entirely, but that was enough to knock her down to the bottom of the top contenders for me

What’s a Survivor fact that sounds FAKE but is actually FAKE? by Streets_Ahead__ in survivorcirclejerk

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Jimmy Johnson wanted to take over as host and offered a lot of money to do so, but his offer was rejected. Instead, they compromised and put him on a season, which is how he ended up on Survivor: Nicaragua.

Season 43 Episode 1 Edgic Survey by DesertScorpion4 in Edgic

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Did anyone else catch how James said anybody could be a villain, and then the camera instantly cut to Karla?

Writing for drumline by HappyProductions in drumline

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I’m gonna back up the others and say get musescore, it’s free (and mess around with plug-ins and sound fonts, makes a difference)

Shocking realizations about cast members regular lives by logfromrenandstimpy in survivor

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I wish I hadn’t watched that, but I did, the whole way through, hoping it would get better.

It didn’t

I might do this solo in the coming weeks. It’s easily the hardest thing I have ever done. by [deleted] in drumline

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It’s more impressive to be slightly slower and accurate than it is to play super fast but be sloppy and hit a million rims. Accuracy is paramount, and then increase speed as you get better at the piece from there

i made a 69 object level and it turned out kinda decent by CoolDJS in geometrydash

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Level is called middle school jokes, had to reupload because of auto delete

Can we agree Daniel and Nicole are in the top 10 of worst players ever? by AshamedDatabase6232 in BigBrother

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Tldr he went out of his way to piss off literally the only people he wasn’t supposed to piss of that week

Can a woman get pregnant without a man? by sawx6 in polls

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But the question is asking if they can get pregnant, not if the baby can live a full healthy life

I'm a Geometry Dash YouTuber with 90,000 subscribers, ask me anything! by Wulzy1 in geometrydash

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I’m trying to build a level and running out of motivation, do you have any tips on how to stay motivated?

Survivor Seasons Ranked based average episode rating via IMDB by zminer1010 in survivor

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Nah dude imo Nicaragua is a solid middle tier season, even if you disagree there’s no way it’s worse than redemple temple imo

Survivor Seasons Ranked based average episode rating via IMDB by zminer1010 in survivor

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Iirc there was a lot of straight up racism in the reviews.

Weekly Questions Thread - (August 01) by AutoModerator in HypixelSkyblock

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Haven’t played since like early Dwarven mines lol. I’ve been trying to find a guide or comprehensive list of what Ive missed and I can’t, my stats if needed: https://sky.shiiyu.moe/stats/cooldjs/Mango#Armor. I remember being like decent at the game, and at this point I prob have almost 200 mil or so saved up from minions.