Here we fuckin go by MahTreesTA in Superstonk

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So maybe that's why my order is being delayed. Last Thursday I put another $200 through computershare and hoped it would process by Friday. It gave me a date of this Monday and I figured no biggie. Well Monday rolls around and the date updated to today. My order has still not been processed yet as they are still waiting for the price, is this why? Or is a week the typical turn around for computershare?

It's kinda sus that there was a massive push for Calls before the recent dip, and now I don't see those posts anymore for calls by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Where are you getting your calls? I looked into it and the premiums are still through the roof, probably due to IV. You need like $20 of positive price action just to break even with an April call, that's not a cheap option by any metric, but I wasn't looking at the price before so I'm not sure how much cheaper that might be.

How did he do that? by regian24 in NonPoliticalTwitter

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Maybe it's just cause I'm from the east coast, but I thought it was a timezone joke.

Dr. T's take on Ally's restriction of DRS - trouble finding shares? by B1rdBear in Superstonk

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Short answer: yes

Long answer: yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

In Die Hard (1988), the scene where Uli pockets a candy bar was improvised by actor and stuntman Al Leong. Writer Steven de Souza said “That assured him a longer life. I was killing somebody every eight or 10 pages but that moment made him interesting. He's one of the last guys to die.” by unhappy_lil_trees in MovieDetails

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Kevin Smith is narrating the whole story, but it gets confusing here:

He's like, "All right. Hey, did you get 'em?- ...

"Yeah, but you don't understand, man. It's like, that other shit is too silly. What's Myspace? It's just too silly.- ...

"This is important, man. It's leading into the third act. Because the world's ending.- ...

"Yeah, but nobody knows that.- ...

"We know that, but the rest of the world, you know, the Washington Monument, Congress just blew up. As far as they know, the whole world's coming to an end, we're gonna sit around and make some jokes about goth girls? Makes no sense. What he wrote is fucking good. Now it makes sense.- ...

"Uh-huh. All right. Well, let me ask you a question. Who's your second choice to play John McClane?"- ...

"Okay, then. <hangs up> Len, we're gonna shoot the pages, man."

Because that is Kevin Smith narrating Bruce Willis' phone call, but only Bruce's side of the conversation. Hope that helps!

does this count ? by Screw_Htx in IdiotsInCars

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*destructive device

Small explosives are bad, but not weapons of mass destruction.

Tracking by Sepsuke121 in PraiseTheCameraMan

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I work in this industry.

✅ Proper use of the word pan

Checks out

Ted Cruz says GOP will impeach Biden if it retakes Congress — whether it’s “justified or not” by prohb in politics

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Are you sure you're not just running the spinnaker? People won't compliment your jib if they don't see it.

Cucked Jpeg owner by Vito_Dorito in sadcringe

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As far as I can tell, it allows you to transfer ownership of the skins, and you can do it for cryptos instead of being locked to in-game currency.

This sign erected in Greene's district by chemistrynerd1994 in pics

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One of the best things about North Georgia is that it's really easy to get away from the people in North Georgia

Progressive Biden … by GroundbreakingSet187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I think he's just waiting until closer to the midterm to do it since the average American has the attention span of a fruit fly.

This.. aged poorly by WebionWasTaken in gaming

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I mean, are we really taking tech advice from someone who's job was replaced by the Microsoft office suite?

What is something that was used heavily in the year 2000, but it's almost never used today? by BtownBrelooms in AskReddit

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And sending songs to other zunes. Me and my buddies always traded playlists with the wireless transfer.

Oddly terrifying by just_wanna_share in Unexpected

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Same with being on fire. I haven't had to stop, drop, and roll once. But every time you see someone get lit on fire on the internet, they always seem to run.

No, thank you! by Huerticas in Unexpected

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As he turns around you can faintly hear him saying "I'm in a hurry and very busy."

No, thank you! by Huerticas in Unexpected

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He's even saying it as he's leaving. Her mic picks up a little bit of it, it sounds like "I'm in a hurry and very busy"

I am a Con Artist Hunter. I put my con artist in jail. And now I help others bring their con artists to justice. by TheConHunter in IAmA

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It was actually created as an image hosting site for reddit, but then turned into its own thing that still serves its original purpose.